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Our purpose is to provide CHESS families with supplemental learning opportunities that enrich and complement our children's education.

If you have any questions, please contact Joe & Debbie Cooper and Michael & Stefanie Shafer our Enrichment Coordinators

Areas of Ministry

Academic Co-op Day 
Academic Co-op Day is a cooperative effort on the part of CHESS families who desire to work with other Christian homeschoolers to supplement their children's education in certain academic subjects. Co-op classes are planned, coordinated, and led by CHESS parents. All parents will be assigned to a teaching team based on their top three choices and will rotate teaching responsibilities with other parents on their team. Four periods of classes are offered: foreign language, writing, science, and history. Families can participate in all four periods, or just one, two or three.  Co-op classes meet on Thursdays, they begin in early September and run for 30 weeks throughout the school year.  Class coordinators and current participants will be allowed to register for classes at the end of May; online registration for all others begins at Open House in June and continues through early July, or when classes are full.  The registration fee varies from $60-100 per period per family depending on the number of children in your family.

Enrichment Day Co-ops
Enrichment Day is a cooperative effort on the part of Christian homeschooling families in CHESS who desire to work together (making use of the various gifts, talents, expertise, and experience of other homeschooling families in the body of Christ) to provide for their children supplemental learning opportunities which will enrich their education primarily in the areas of physical education, the arts, life skills, and other electives. We currently offer 3 different Enrichment Day sessions around the Greater Lansing area. Fall terms and winter/spring terms are scheduled for 10 weeks each. Online registration for the fall term typically begins in April/May for current participants; registration for new families begins at Open House in June. Online registration for winter/spring term follows the completion of fall term in November; new families may join at this time as space permits.  The registration fee varies from $40-50 per famliy per term. 

Small Group Co-Ops
New small group co-ops MAY be formed every year among CHESS members. As varied as homeschoolers are, they range from as intense as meeting once a week following a pre-selected curriculum to as relaxed as meeting once a month for book discussions. We try to help you connect with others who are interested in the same subjects as you are and who are willing to share the teaching. Interested in starting a small group co-op? Contact us.

Standardized Testing
We are pleased to offer our annual standardized testing at the end of May for all interested homeschoolers grades 2-12. Testing is one way to measure your child's progress and to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses. Registration information will be available through the CHESS Classifieds beginning in February; deadline for registration is the last day in March. 

Mid-Michigan Graduation
The Mid-Michigan Home School Graduation is sponsored by Christian Home Educators Support System (CHESS). Even though this is sponsored by CHESS, you do not have to be a CHESS member to participate. It is open to any homeschool senior in Mid-Michigan who has met their parents' requirements for high school graduation. The size of the graduation ceremony is limited only by the size of the ceremony location. This year's graduation will take place on Friday evening, May 8, 2020.

Why should you consider Mid-Michigan Home School Graduation for your senior? We believe it will provide an opportunity for your senior to graduate in a group setting, while, at the same time, reflecting the uniqueness of your individual home school ("Different homes, different schools, ... ONE LORD"). This ceremony will be an opportunity to bring honor and dignity to each of the graduates, but most importantly to glorify the Lord and thank Him for his faithfulness. It will be made up of group elements representing unity (such as a class song or motto/quote) and individual elements (such as selecting their own cap and gown color) reflecting each student's unique personality.

Every family is an individual home school granting a diploma to their student for completing their requirements for graduation (diplomas are not awarded by or through CHESS). Parents of the graduate will personally present the diploma to their graduate. Each family or graduate will have a separate opportunity to share part of their schooling years, accomplishments, talents, personal blessings, etc., along with their future plans. One of the highlights of past ceremonies has been a multi-media presentation with pictures highlighting the life of each graduate. As a group, the graduates will represent the Mid-Michigan homeschool community to their friends and family who are present.  Contact Stefanie Shafer for more information.

Geography Bee - Coordinator needed to make this event happen!
CHESS has offered an official National Geographic Geo Bee in January for all mid-Michigan homeschool students whose age would place them in fourth through eighth grade. Although this is a contest, it is designed to encourage teachers to include geography in their classrooms, spark student interest in the subject, and increase public awareness about geography.

Science Fair
Preschool through 12th grade homeschool students in mid-Michigan are invited to participate in this event scheduled for early spring. Projects can be presented by individuals or teams. Students participate at three levels: non-competitive through 3rd grade, optional judging for grades 4-8, and judging of all 9th-12th grade projects. Students should use the scientific method to perform scientific investigations and display the results of their projects. A packet detailing the goals, requirements, guidelines, and ideas is available upon request.

Speech Meet 
This is an opportunity to help your elementary-aged children overcome their fears of speaking in front of a group and to learn other public speaking skills as well. The participants choose selections from a list of categories; the pieces must be memorized. Speech Meet is typically held in the spring.

Spelling Bee
Good old-fashioned fun for students in grades 1-8!  A great learning experience, just-for-fun, as we've not yet found a local sponsor which would enable us to participate in the "Scripps-Howard" National Spelling Bee. The top 3 finishers at each level will receive awards from CHESS. Our word lists are based on the popular Spelling Power program. Students are invited to participate at whatever level is most appropriate for their spelling abilities: Level 1 Red Word List,Level 2 Pink Word ListLevel 3 Light Yellow Word ListLevel 4 Blue Word ListLevel 5 Green Word ListLevel 6 Yellow Word ListLevel 7 Light Blue Word List, and Level 8 Light Green Word List