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Students may enroll in any Connections class if they are homeschooled. Students who also participate in a public school/parent partnership like Northshore Networks or the HEE are also welcome to attend. Likewise, students who have been previously homeschooled and are concurrently enrolled in Running Start are eligible for Connections’ classes.

Connections Guidelines
All families who register agree to abide by the guidelines in the Family Guide, and be respectful of the Statement of Faith and Beliefs while on campus, regardless of their religious or non-religious affiliation.  A New Family FAQ and Guide is available as well. Our Fees Policy explains the payment process for all fees. Finally, in order to ensure that Connections runs smoothly, every family at Connections is required to perform a job while on-site. 

Please register all children who may be on campus, even if they will not be taking classes. 

Forums and Classifieds
Forums are a way for Connections families to ask questions and have discussions with other Connections families. You are not required to participate in these forums, however, when you join Connections, you will be asked how you want to receive notices for these forums. You may change your options later, but you'll need to select something to complete your registration form. 

Instructors may also use forums to communicate their students. Class forums will only be visible to the members of the class.

We also have a classifieds forum to post items for sale or in search of. You will also need to choose if you would like to see these posts and how often. 

You may find it helpful to view the FAQ for other information about Connections, as well as how to register.

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