New Families

Application: TLC Homeschool Co-op requires any homeschool family seeking membership to complete an application and go through an interview process with our leadership team. New members are accepted based on a number of factors including, but not limited to: prayer, available classroom space, ratios in grade levels, the needs and well-being of the co-op as well as the needs of the applicants. TLC Homeschool Co-op membership is limited. 

Criteria: Members of TLC Homeschool Co-op are like-minded, Christian homeschooling families who seek to be a part of an active community, supporting each other and growing together in their homeschooling journeys. Members agree with TLC’s Mission Statement and Statement of Faith. Families of TLC educate their children at home according to California homeschooling laws. 

Teaching: Each mother or father is asked to pray about teaching and is required to offer to teach at least one class each year.  This class may or may not be chosen for the co-op classes that year, but there should at least be one submission per family.  This can be anything from a Chemistry class to a preschool class – whatever the parent feels led to teach.  TLC Homeschool Co-op will not work if  there are not enough teachers.

Additional participation: Each member is required to participate at a level that keeps our co-op functioning.  Requests can be made for particular jobs and the leadership team will work together to assign duties based on these requests.

Length: Our co-op meets (generally) the first and third Wednesdays of the month, from 9am to 12:30pm.  One parent is required to participate and be on campus at all times.

Type: TLC Co-op tries to have a good mix of academic and elective classes. 

Registration Fees: Registration fees are $30 per family and $20 per child over 16 months.  These fees are per semester.

Class Fees: Some classes require additional fees. Typical class fees are between $5-25 per semester, but some may be slightly higher depending on the supplies for the class.  Any large supplies purchased with class fees remain with the co-op and are used from year to year, as needed. 

Extras: Events such as field trips and events usually have additional charges, as they are scheduled. 

Please read our Statement of Faith here.

If you would like to complete an enrollment application, please click here.