Homeschool Co-op

All the Extras


Lunchtime is a great way to build community and connect with other families that you may not see during the rest of the day.  Families do not have to sit together during this time; however, there is no lunch monitor so you will be responsible for enforcing the building expectations with your children, as well as cleaning up after them.  Nursery is not offered during lunch.

Hot Lunch

Not wanting to pack lunches or run to the store every Monday?  No worries!  Hot lunch is available for purchase!  Hot lunch menus will be posted at least one month in advance, and payments will need to be made in advance.  Prepaid lunch accounts can be set up for your family so that you don't have to remember to pay by the hot lunch deadline, or PayPal is another convenient option.

Snacks and Drinks

Snacks and drinks are sold during lunchtime by the Leaders in Training (LIT) students.  They are also available throughout the day, but only parents are allowed to make purchases outside of lunchtime, as there will be no one to take the money or make change.  Coffee is also available free of charge for parents throughout the day.


Chapel is a required time for our kindergarten through high school students to come together in worship through song and study of the word of God.  It is family chapel so parents on campus will also be attending. The nursery and toddler rooms will be open for younger children not attending chapel.


We highly encourage all families to attend recess. This time will be used for large group activities, free time, board games, etc… There are NO monitors during this time so you are responsible for your own children!! Parents can take turns planning activities for the children if they would like.


MOMS Time (Moms Offering Moms Support)

This happens three times per semester during large group/chapel time as a way of getting to know each other.  Each meeting will cover a different topic of interest, with parents being able to attend two of the gatherings, and can volunteer to help with the children during the other.  Topics will be sent out in advance so that you are able to choose which ones you would like to attend and when you would prefer to volunteer.  Even though the name is "MOMS Time," dads are welcome to attend as well.

Service Projects

At Compass, we have a focus on missions, and what better way to learn about missions than to get the children involved in serving others in different capacities?  We try to have 3 service project days each semester. 2 on a Compass day and 1 on a non Compass day. On these days, only morning classes meet (no elective classes or chapel). After lunch, we will either stay at Compass for a service project or all meet at a different location. All morning families will need to stay for service projects. Afternoon only families are strongly encouraged to come join us since they are part of our overall Compass mission and values.

Field Trips

Field Trips are set up outside of Compass days and are offered throughout the year.  Some of our previous field trips have been to "Work and Play" at the Sam Houston Living Museum, P-6 farms, a beehive tour, and much more!  Children are to wear their Compass shirts when participating in Compass field trips.


Parties are scheduled throughout the year and will take place during large group time for all families to enjoy together.  Thanksgiving, Easter, and the end of the year Splash Day are just some of the parties Compass puts on for our children. Please see the calendar for a full list of parties and socials.  


Compass puts on one "showcase" per semester: 

  1. Our Fall Showcase is informal and takes place during large group and chapel time on the last day of the fall semester.  Light snacks and display tables from the elective classes will be set up, and friends and family are welcome to attend!

  2. Our Spring Showcase is the grand finale that takes place on the evening of our last day of Compass!  Kindergarten graduation, awards, class presentations, class and individual display tables, and more happens at this showcase and is followed by a light reception.  Friends and family are encouraged to come out and support your children!