Homeschool Co-op

Compass Tuition and Fees

Non refundable Registration Fee

Registration fee is $50 per semester per family and is due before your child can be put into classes. This deposit will be applied toward your tuition fee. Please make sure you know what to expect from Compass and you know what we expect from you before paying the registration fee. The ONLY way we will refund the $50 is if you are paying it to be out on the waiting list and we end up NOT having room for everyone in your family at Compass. (Please note that instances where preferred classes are unavailable does not constitute a refund from Compass.)

In order for your application to be complete and accepted, your registration fee must be received. This fee will go towards your tuition.


Half Day - $125 per semester for a family with up to 3 children

Full Day - $175 per semester for a family with up to 3 children

Families with more than 3 children will pay an additional $15 per child, with a max of $30 extra per family.


Every family on campus must wear a Compass t-shirt (with the exception of babies and toddlers), which are $10 each. Please see "Dress Code" portion of the Compass Handbook for more information.


While most classroom supplies are included in the tuition, we realize that some classes will use or need more than what is available. If there is a class fee, it will be listed by the class description. Please check for a fee before registering to avoid surprises later.


A week before Compass begins, refunds will NO LONGER BE GIVEN. A few exceptions to this rule may be given, such as long term illness and will be decided as such by the Leadership Team. If your reason for leaving is approved for a refund, the refund will be prorated, based on the date you notify Compass, as well as your last day of attendance, and will NOT include the non-refundable registration fee. Needing to cut something from your schedule or deciding to go in a different direction is not considered a valid exception, which is why we ask you to look over the schedule and pray about joining BEFORE making a commitment. If you need to request a refund, please submit your reasonings for the Leadership Team to review.

The balance of your tuition fee will need to be paid at least ONE full week before the start date of each semester and can be made via:
  • PayPal to [email protected]  You will need to choose the "family and friend" option to avoid an extra fee (PAYPAL IS THE PREFERRED OPTION).

  • Check made payable to "Carolyn Wight."  If mailing the check, please email Compass for the address.

If payment has not been received or other arrangements have not been made with the Leadership Team, your children will be taken off the class roster and could potentially lose their spot.