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Remember that this is only a proposal and will need to be approved by the Leadership Team. Interested families who submit a class proposal do not automatically get into Compass but proposing to teach a class my increase those chances.  We still need to make sure we have room for your family but it will put you at the top of the waiting list. 

Classes may be dropped after registration ends if they do not meet the minimum class size.

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CLASS HELPER REQUEST please list their name below.  You need to talk to them first to make sure they are ok with this. **This is the only time you will be able to ask for a specific helper.  Once proposals are submitted and classes are chosen, helpers will have to wait until signups**

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Class Description.  Please type it exactly how it will appear on the class description sheet.


Required Curriculum students will need to buy for the class.

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Age Range  You can choose more than one. Electives that can be taught twice will be prioritized. Keep in mind that minimum class size is 4 and maximum class size is 12-15 for 1st grade and up.  We do try to keep the max for kinder and under at 10-12.  

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Nursery Toddler
PreK/Kinder 6-9
9-12 12+
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Class fee per student

  • Class fee may NOT exceed $10 per student.
    • Classes where there are no other options for students can NOT charge a fee.  So, this would include MFW morning classes and kinder and under in the afternoon
  • This is only an option IF the supplies needed can’t be borrowed, if they are not consumable, are not basic supplies we have in the office (please ask us if you are not sure), and will be more than $35 for the semester.
    • We like to try to keep the tuition/fees as low as possible, so please be considerate of this. If the class is too pricey, you will need to either be prepared to pay some out of pocket or think of a different class to propose.

***For Fall semester proposals ONLY. 

I would like to teach a core class. This is a year commitment from August to May.  (This is NOT a guarantee as we may already have a teacher for the class.  If you want to teach MFW, it is recommended that you use MFW at home but not required)

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Are there any special items you may need for your room (such as TV, kitchen, sink, etc...)?  This is not a guarantee but may help us in room placement. 


Student Supplies What the students will need for this class. (If you already know.  If not, you can submit this info later)