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CHESS (Christian Home Education Support System) is a 501(c)(3) public charity founded in 2019. 

Our Mission:

To encourage, support, and build up a community of Christian homeschooling families. 

Our Vision:

Helping parents train up the next generation of Christian servant-leaders.

What we ARE:

  • A Christian enrichment co-op.
    • We offer the things your kids want and/or that you want for your kids, but just can't (or would really rather not...) do at home.  Messy art projects?  Science experiments?  Opportunities for group discussion and public speaking?  YES, please!
  • A true whole-family support system.
    • Birth through Grade 12, grouped into:
      • Pawns (Newborn - 2 years)
      • Rooks (3 years - 5 years)
      • Knights (6 years - 8 years)
      • Bishops (9 years - 11 years)
      • Queens (12 years - 14 years)
      • Kings (15 years - 18 years)
    • Oh, and Mom and Dad?  We haven't forgotten you!
  • Welcoming to ALL Christian families.*
    • We welcome children with special needs (including but not limited to Autism spectrum disorders and severe allergies) and will do whatever we can to accommodate them.  If your family has been turned away by an academic co-op or tutorial program, please give us a try!

*Please reference "WHAT WE BELIEVE". 

What we are NOT:

  • An "academic" co-op.
    • We offer a sprinkling of academic subjects with a focus on FUN.  No need to commit to a certain style or curriculum.  Are you a classical, Charlotte Mason, eclectic, or unschooling family?  So are we!
  • A drop-off program.
    • A parent must be present at all times at all functions.  No child may ever be alone with an adult who is not his/her parent.