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If you are wanting to pay for the Homecoming Dance, you do not have to go back into the SHARE website. Here is how to pay:

1. It's quick and easy to use our Paypal shortcut. Just type it directly into your browser (like a website url) and hit enter. Then hit SEND Continue to your Paypal account. BE SURE TO MEMO THE NAME AND THE EVENT SO THAT I KNOW WHO TO MARK PAID.
e.g.. Homecoming- Jesse Mullins
The price of Homecoming is $38 per person.

Shortcut: PayPal.me/sharehomeschool

2. Mail cash or a check made out to SHARE to:
Cathy Mullins
3675 Montana St.
St. Louis, MO 63116

School Picture Day!

Yes! Jenny is back this year! She is a homeschool mom who knows how to bring out your child's personality!

Click on the image below to sign up for an appointment.

Homecoming Dance

The Homecoming Dance Registration is NOW OPEN for
for ALL HOMESCHOOLERS in the area.

Please click on the flyer below to begin registration by
agreeing to our dress code.

(Note:  If you are a SHARE member and will be paying online, please log-in first
so that the website can automatically mark you paid. wink)

Field Trip to Health Works

This field trip is for SHARE members only. Please log-in first, then go to the calendar date to sign up.

What a fun way to learn about our bodies!

Symphony Concert

SHARE members, please LOG-IN first in order to sign up for this concert Go to the Calendar page and then choose the date. Follow prompts after that. The CALENDAR PAGE can be accessed through the black navigational box below our logo.

Final tours of the Crooked Creek Beef Farm

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! The amazing Mary Murphy is offering many tours so that everyone has a chance to attend.

SHARE members, please LOG-IN first in order to sign up for one of these tours at the Crooked Creek Beef Farm.

Go to the Calendar page and then choose the date and time of the tour you wish to attend. Follow prompts after that.
The CALENDAR PAGE can be accessed through the black navigational box below our logo.

Field Trip!

Field Trip to MADE for Kids!

Non-SHARE members, please click on image below.

SHARE members, please LOG-IN first in order to sign up for MADE for KIDS.

Go to the Calendar page and then choose the date. Follow prompts after that.

The CALENDAR PAGE can be accessed through the black navigational box below our logo.

Something New! Strings Class is Beginning!

This is NOT a Homelink class. All registrations and payments will go through Mrs. Lambson.

However, all String students' families must be SHARE members in order to be covered by our insurance...the archdiocese insists.

A larger print pdf is available by clicking on the image.

Homelink Classes


THE "Official Public Homelink Base Page". 

        Click image below to go to the Public Homelink page:

*The Homelink Learning Center is an"arm" of the S.H.A.R.E homeschool support group.
*You must be a member of SHARE to take Homelink classes;
however, as a member of SHARE, you do not
have to take classes
.  (Many have asked.)

The Sheldon Theater

The American Musical--Since we only have 60 seats, this event is for SHARE members only. Please Log-In to sign up.

Log-in and go to the SHARE calendar date of October 18 to register. Be sure to open up the TEACHER GUIDE for lots more information about the program.

The performance is recommended for middle school and high school, but a live performance usually holds the interest of younger children. You know your children best!

Trip to the Wolf Sanctuary

This field trip is for SHARE members only. To register, please LOG-IN first and then go to the calendar page of November 3, 2023

This event has a limit of 40 people.

New Widget

It's not a SHARE field trip, but Mary Murphy is trying to support Crisis Aid International, an organization that fights human trafficking and child exploitation. All proceeds from Monarch Jewelry goes to Crisis Aid.

If you have a few minutes on this day, stop by and make a purchase. They have nice jewelry, cards, and household décor items.

If you will be attending the talk on keeping your children safe on the internet, (info coming soon!!!), you will have time to run over to the pop-up boutique and make a full day of it.

Homeschool PE - UPDATED FOR 2023-24

>>>>>>>Click HERE to view details about the
2023-24 P.E. PROGRAM 
at the Salvation Army.

>>>>>>>Click HERE to print a 23/24 registration form.

Good News This Year!!!!
You only need to register once.
Fees cover the entire year!
Note:  Cort says:  "The fees include classes for the entire year.  If any parents have questions, please let me know."

Early registration is encouraged!wink

Meet Cort Hubbard

The Salvation Army's Coach, Cort Hubbard,
has been hosting our homeschool physical education
classes for 35 years!!!

Click on Cort's photo below to go to the SHARE page
that gives more details on our P.E. program.

2023-24 PE Info Quick Print


NEW!!!!! This year PE is being offered for 1 price for the entire year!

An Encouraging Word!

Become a SHARE member



The price is only $25 per year and your membership is good through 8/31/24.
You can use Paypal, a credit card through Paypal or send cash or check (details on the form).

S.H.A.R.E. is an  independent support group founded and operated  by volunteer parents who home educate their  children in the Greater St. Louis Area. Families from  all over the St. Louis region and nearby Illinois counties are members of SHARE, although we are  based in the South City, South County and Mid County areas.

We are a diverse group of homeschoolers with a wide variety of learning and teaching styles. Some families are large, others are small; some are homeschooling veterans of twenty years, many are just beginning.

The majority of members are Christians and leadership is totally Christian; however, people of all faiths are welcome in S.H.A.R.E.  We are united by our choice to homeschool our children and give them the best possible educational experience AND by our desire to protect homeschooling rights in Missouri and elsewhere. 

Our main goal is to inform, equip and encourage families in their homeschooling journey!

S.H.A.R.E. offers many activities and classes  to supplement and enrich your home education experience, including an E-NEWSLETTER that is filled with both upcoming SHARE activities and other opportunities that your homeschoolers may benefit from.  Be the first to find out about such events as:



*PARTIES  (volunteers needed!)



*NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM (volunteers needed!)


(We hold 3!--Kindergarten, 8th grade, and High School)



and more!

SHARE Library Info

Come visit our SHARE Library!

Click on the image below to go to our SHARE Library page.

Volleyball Class


Volleyball is now meeting at the Salvation Army.

Karate Class on Thursdays!

This is NOT a Homelink class, but it's good!!! Please register with Mr. Steve!

Families for Home Education (FHE)
gives Missouri homeschoolers
excellent support!

FHE Event

We are hoping that this little gathering will be helpful for anyone with a child with special needs--borderline or seriously involved. The south one will be held at Homelink and the northwest one in St. Peters. No cost, but please register.

Homeschool Seminars on Zoom

If you know of anyone interested in beginning homeschooling, or need more info about high school homeschooling, here are Kim's Fall seminars on Zoom.

Because it's almost Halloween....

Come to The Reptile Experience!

This event is for SHARE members only. Please LOG-IN to sign up for the fun!

Homeschool Band & Guitar Classes

CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW TO LEARN ALL ABOUT HOMESCHOOL BAND & GUITAR CLASSES! Copy and paste this link into your browser to hear a piece from their concert last year--a tribute to John Williams: https://youtu.be/2Myx6Q_P7kg?si=VXQ-UhMbmxQ7UnR_

Steve Heitmann has been teaching homeschool band for over 25 years! He and his wife have home educated and graduated all their children and now have grandchildren!

These classes are on Wednesdays at our Homelink location, but they are separate from Homelink and you pay Steve directly.


Friday, September 29, 10 am - 12 pm
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
October 3 - Tuesday
October 5 - Thursday

Boxtops Ongoing Tally

Our goal for the year was $500, but we finished up with a total of $71.00. Thanks to all who participated!

Please click on the image above to go to our Boxtops Page where all your questions can be answered. No more clipping cardboard boxes...just take a picture of your receipt with the app on your phone!

Chess Club!

Learn to play chess!

Brand New Class!

Calling Middle Schoolers Who Enjoy Drawing

We are really excited for Anna to be able to teach this class. She has a ton of skill and has been trained by The Baders for many years. Teaching this class will look great on her high school resume/transcript, and her students will be getting a quality class for a great price!

New Class at Homelink this year!

This is a class that every high school student should have to take before they graduate!

This class is brand new to Homelink. We were thrilled when Ms. Vee asked to teach it. We all know that there is nothing like being in charge of a child to teach a person responsibility.

Another New Class!

This Class Will Help Your Student for the Rest of Their Life!

Dan Malan has taught Music and Speech classes to the homeschool community for many years. He went on a sabbatical to care for his handicapped brother and his aging mom. But now he is "chomping at the bit" to get back into the classroom.

High School Math

If teaching upper level math has never been your strong point, you need to see Janice Myers!

Watercolor Class at Homelink!

Watercolor techniques produce beautiful paintings!

Click on the link to go to the Homelink interactive schedule and then click on the Watercolor Class for more details.

NRA Homelink Class!

This is an excellent class that is geared to homeschoolers. Highly recommended!

Click on the image to view the Homelink schedule. Then click on the NRA class for more information.

Personal Finance is back!!!

No Senior Should Graduate Without a Class Like This One!

Click on the image to be taken to the Homelink schedule; then click on the class (Tuesday, 1:00 pm) for details.

Recess Games

These classes are lots of fun! We were surprised at how so many students do not know how to play the games that their parents played when they were children!

Sign up today!

Creative Music!

Got a singer at your house? Check this out!

Homelink Class! New this year!

Sign Language

Introduction to Sign Language

Driver's Education

We love Mr. Tom!!! Super nice family guy with LOTS of patience!

Due to a very busy schedule, Tom will only be able to teach this class the first semester.
Click on the image below to go to the Homelink schedule.

American Lit for the High School Student

Excellent Class to put on that high school transcript!

Click on the image to be taken to the Homelink schedule matrix for more information.

Sewing with Sandy!

End the day with a relaxed Sewing Class with Mrs. Sandy! She is kind, patient, and a wealth of knowledge!

This class makes a great elective on a highschool transcript! Click on the image to be taken to the Homelink schedule matrix for more information.

Homeschool Ice Skating for 23-24

Ice Skating Every Monday Afternoon for only $5.00!


ATTENTION!! UPDATE!!--------->NO SESSION ON September 4th OR January 1st!!!

Homeschool Roller Skating

Roller Skating Every 2nd Tuesday at Rock Roll-O-Rena in Arnold

This is the same location where SHARE has their annual Thanksgiving Skating Party. Stay tuned for details on that coming soon!

Bingo Days: Updated for Fall 2023!

This is for all SHARE members but it is held at Homelink.

No sign-up, just come!
Cost is free, but we love donations!

Guitar Lessons

The SHARE Library is amazing!

DID YOU KNOW? Anyone who is a SHARE member can check out books for 4 weeks and curriculum for an entire year!!!!

Looking for How to Homeschool? Watch this!


Click on the image below to read 6 reasons to choose to home educate your child(ren).



Visit our Facebook page

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Request Membership in S.H.A.R.E.

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Donations are greatly appreciated!laugh

We try to keep our SHARE membership as low as we can, and we never turn away a family for lack of funds. If God has blessed you, please consider making a donation to help defray this cost. 

Ghandi quote


Support Groups, LearningCenters/Co-ops in the Area

Families for Home Education

Families for Home Education is our Missouri homeschool lobbying organization. Good resource to get a withdrawal letter sample at their home page. Also, check the page for upcoming homeschool seminars--they are wonderful!!! Clicking the logo below will take you to their Region 5 page, which is our area.


HSLDA can be your homeschool lawyer!

Did you know that you can get a $15.00 discount on your HSLDA membership just by being a SHARE member?
If you are a SHARE member, our group number to write down on your HSLDA application is: #299887

Great Homeschool Convention

Great Homeschool Convention in St. Louis...March 21-23, 2024!!!!

St. Louis Teen Eagles

You are invited to our Eagle Nest Open House!  This will be our first meeting of the school year at Pillar on Thursday, September 7th from 1:30-3:30pm! 

If you want to make a difference in our culture while learning some valuable skills, then come and find out about our new method of action! 

Take a tour of our updated studio, test out some of our tech equipment, and meet other like-minded peers! We will also have some light snacks!

Bloom and Grow Speech Therapy

Do you have concerns about your child’s speech or language?

Does your child struggle with academics, vocabulary, following directions, or reading?

Detecting a speech or language problem can be tricky if you don’t know the traits of typical development. The simple rule of thumb is a language problem may exist if a child doesn’t understand and/or express what they want to say as well as other children of the same age. Research shows that the earlier problems are detected and treated, the better children progress and keep pace with peers in learning and social relationships.

Stacy Bick, former homeschooling mom and Speech Therapist at BLOOM AND GROW SPEECH THERAPY (formerly Victory Speech Therapy and Autism), now has openings to help your child with any concerns you may have from articulation, vocabulary, language, listening skills, auditory processing, stuttering, to vocal quality. She is offering a free 15 minute screening. And if therapy is needed, she offers a 50% discount to homeschooling families. Virtual Therapy is also available, if desired!

Contact her at bloomandgrowst@gmail.com or call 314-223-2289.

Speech and Debate Club

ARCH is an amazing community where children as young as ten can learn alongside seniors in high school. The lessons in rhetoric and public speaking will never be forgotten. This club is a must for any homeschooled child in St Louis!

We are a STOA speech and debate club that meets weekly:
South STL County (Rooftop Church) - Mondays from 2-5pm.
St. Charles County (Liberty Church) - Tuesdays from 7-9pm.
Mon, Aug. 22-1st Meeting South STL County.
Tue, Aug. 23-1st Meeting St. Charles County.
Club leader is Jeremy Zilkie.
(314) 489-4607

. Stoa Speech & Debate is for Christian homeschool students between the ages of 12-18.

· Students ages 10-11 can attend, but need to be “mature” in their educational interests and emotional development.

· The materials and concepts we cover can be challenging and require focus.


Focus and Read

Solutions for Struggling Readers of all Ages!

Joan Brennan is a good friend to the homeschool community. Her desire is to see children become better readers! Copy and paste the following link to get some helpful advice and recommended resources:


Sky Zone - Fenton

Sky Zone in Fenton has a special day for homeschoolers!
Be sure to ask about their all new Home School Hop Membership!

Dayspring School of the Arts

Barron's Gymnastics


Classes offered two days per week, 55 minutes per class. Homeschool discount is available on weekday, morning classes only, Monday – Friday with start times between 9:00am-12:00pm.

See our specific class days and time pages for class availability and enrollment.


Josh & Lindsey Photography

Josh & Lindsey Photography

Since I work on the website many hours a week, I thought it only fair that I get to plug my son's business. Please check out his website by clicking on the image below. Or visit his Facebook page, Josh & Lindsey Photo. Of course he does engagement photos and weddings, but he LOVES the family pictures. Your children will think he is fun! ~Cathy

Looking for a K-3 tutor? Try Kim Mattox!

Kim teaches our Lapbook classes at Homelink, but also has a passion for working one-on-one with individual students. You can stop by her classroom anytime on Thursdays to meet Kim and inquire about her tutoring schedule.