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P.E. Classes at the Salvation Army, 2024-25

This is the 38th year of Homeschool P.E. at the Salvation Army, founded and taught by everyone's favorite coach and teacher, Cort Hubbard. The small program Cort started back in 1986 with only one class of 20 students has certainly grown! Many former homeschoolers say that Homeschool P.E. with Cort is one of their VERY favorite memories – and are now bringing their own children!

Homeschool P.E. offers a (very inexpensive!) way for your child to learn valuable physical AND social skills that will last a lifetime. Whether your child is an athlete on a select sports team, or an artist that has never kicked a ball, Homeschool P.E. has something to offer. For new families that would like to meet others in the homeschool community, P.E. is definitely a good place to begin! As we all know, children have an easier time making friends when they are “doing” something together in a consistent way. Countless families have formed lasting friendships through their time together at P.E.

Cort Hubbard and the Salvation Army are the sponsors of Homeschool P.E., but SHARE helps to spread the word! Since the Salvation Army building is near our Homelink Learning Center, we try to coordinate with some of the class times and organize carpools to PE class.


- The Homeschool Physical Education Program is sponsored by the Salvation Army, and takes place at their Gateway Citadel Worship and Community Center, 824 Union Road, St. Louis Mo., 63123. This is the 38th year of the classes, taught by founder Cort Hubbard.

- Teacher/Coach Cort Hubbard has a Bachelors Degree from Covenant College on Lookout Mountain, Georgia, a Masters Degree from the University of Mississippi, and a K-12 teaching certificate. There is not enough room to list Cort’s experience and accomplishments! (And he would be mad if we tried!)

-Cort is married to one of our favorite Homelink teachers, Becca!  They live across the river in Columbia, Illinois.

- Homeschool P.E. course description - “These classes promote physical exercise, skills development, and sportsmanship. The typical Homeschool Physical Education class will begin with prayer, followed by calisthenics, coordination skills or jogging, skill development (teaching session), and fun games which often incorporate the skill being taught. The specific material a student will learn is based on their age and skill level, seeking to introduce new skills, or improving on skills already acquired.”

- Classes are divided by age groups, but there is some flexibility allowed. Due to class size and safety issues, it is not always possible to move your child to an older or younger class.

- To sign up and hold your spot, fill out the Registration Form and mail it to Attn: Cort Hubbard/HSPE, Salvation Army, 824 Union Road, St. Louis MO 63123. OR – you can email Cort your registration information at Cort_Hubbard@usc.salvationarmy.org. Please include ALL of the necessary info – guardian/parent name, email address, phone number, student age and class choice. Payment is not due until the first day of class. Checks are made out to the Salvation Army, not SHARE. If you have any questions about class placement, ask Cort by email or call him at 631-0727 ext. 6130.

- The cost of Homeschool P.E. is VERY reasonable – not quite $6.00 per class! To participate in Homeschool P.E. classes, each student must be a “member” of the Salvation Army, but Cort has incorporated the membership price into the class fees.