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SHARE Lending Libraries

SHARE hosts both a Classical Library and
a Curriculum Library. 

We do accept donations of books and curriculum, so when you are cleaning out your shelves, consider blessing other homeschool families by donating your gently used materials to SHARE.  You may bring your donations to the libraries any time the libraries are open.  If we cannot use your donations, we will sell them or deliver them to other resource areas.  All proceeds from sales, membership cards, fines, etc. go to the operations fees for the library and to the SHARE Benevolence Fund.   

Our classical library is 100% online. Our curriculum library is about 80% online, and we hope to have all our curriculum online by the end of the year!  
To search our CLASSICAL and CURRICULUM libraries for materials,
click HERE. You can also search our library materials from your SMART PHONE using the LIBRARY WORLD APP.  When using the APP, the name of the library is SHARE.  Leave the password space blank.

The libraries are completely staffed and maintained by AMAZING volunteers.  Getting all the materials online has been on ongoing labor of love, with several wonderful parents and students helping with the project.  If you like library work and want to join the team, 
Karen at nateandkaren@gmail.com.


The SHARE libraries are open every Tuesday and Thursday when Homelink is in session.  Normally the Homelink building is open from 8:00am - 5:00pm. Both libraries are on the top floor of the Homelink building (on the right hand side as you enter the top floor). This building is part of the St. Andrew Catholic Church complex, 309 Hoffmeister, St. Louis, MO 63125

During the school year, the libraries are open the first Saturday of the month as well, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Homeschoolers are welcome to come and peruse the shelves, check out materials, return materials previously checked out, place holds and talk to librarians about what resources are available, curriculum options, etc.  ITEMS CHECKED OUT IN THE CURRICULUM LIBRARY MAY BE USED FOR AN ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR.

NOTES ON THE CLASSICAL LIBRARY:  The Classical Library is housed in Room 11.  We have a wide range of items available including:  biographies; science project guides; art and art history books; homeschool guides and resources; Homeschool EXPO talks on CD;  fun and/or educational DVD’s ….and much, much more to help your family in their  home education journey. All of our Classical Library books are now catalogued online and are available for search and review at: http://opac.libraryworld.com/cgi-bin/opac.pl?command=signin&libraryname=SHARE

A search page will come up and you can enter the title or subject of the book you are looking for.  As you bring up a specific record, please notice the Call Number (non-fiction - Dewey Decimal number, fiction - first three letters of author’s last name.) This will indicate the location of the book in the library. Posters are on display to guide your use of the Dewey Decimal System, as well as direct you to the various sections of the library.   You will need a library membership card to check out materials.  Cards are $1.00.  As long as you are a SHARE member, you can pick up your membership card from the librarian.

NOTES ON THE CURRICULUM LIBRARY:  The Curriculum Library is housed in Room 10.  It is mostly online. For items not yet online we use an honor system.  Just be sure to write down the items you borrow on the clipboard, along with your name, phone number, email address and the date. When you return the items, don’t forget to put the return date.  You will need a library membership card to check out materials.  Cards are $1.00.  As long as you are a SHARE member, you can pick up your membership card from the librarian. The same membership card works for both libraries.


We are thrilled when people can save money on curriculum by borrowing materials from the Curriculum Library.  There are quite a few "comprehensive" curriculums available, but they get checked out very quickly. The majority of the materials in the Curriculum Library are meant to supplement your home education curriculum plan. Please remember - there are MANY different learning styles and teaching styles!  What works for the library volunteers and their children may not work for you and your children.  Before choosing curriculum, we encourage you to consult with homeschool veterans and read a few "helps" books like Cathy Duffy’s "101 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum" (Newest edition just came out in August 2012), and Debra Bell's "The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling". Both are available as permanent "reference" items in the Curriculum Library.