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Penguin Ski Club - 2017-18

Back by popular demand: Penguin Ski Club! (2017-18)
It’s an unbelievable price and makes a fantastic Christmas gift.

It's almost time to sign up for the Penguin Ski Club again--sign up begins October 1st.  

For $129 each person receives a lift ticket and an individual pass that they will keep with them. This pass is flexible allowing you to vary your choice of day from week to week (Mon-Thurs). It must be presented at the ticket window with each visit to Hidden Valley so a current lift ticket can be issued to the pass holder.
There is also a Friday option. If you would like to ski on Fridays only, you can buy a Friday pass for $159. Fridayis a high demand day, but still less busy than weekends. The same person cannot buy both a Mon-Thurs pass and a Friday pass.
For an additional onetime fee of $20 per pass, ski or snowboard rental will be included with each visit (once a week Mon-Thurs).
Joining the Penguins club is still less expensive than skiing two or three times without a pass. This is a fundraiser for the students of SHARE and the Homelink Learning Center. In the past they have used the funds to go to Japan and England. 
Anybody can join, including your friends, neighbors and family who aren’t homeschooling. 
The deadline to join is December 31st at midnight. Hidden Valley makes no exceptions to the deadline.
To join the Penguin Ski Club, visit http://www.hiddenvalleyski.com/. Click “Plan and Buy” along the top. Click School programs, then under HV Ski and Ride Club click Learn More, and then click the box to buy now. Our user name for the club is “Penguins” with a capital P. Our password is “homeski” with a lower case h. You are now in our club site.
Next you will click the blue “go shopping.” At the top left there is a box of categories where you click 17/18 ski passes. Select the pass you would like. Most people want the Mon-Thurs option for $129. An alternative is to select the Friday only option for $159 and add it to the cart and check out. Only one deal per person. Don’t forget to add ski rental. (There is sales tax.)
During check out you will assign a guest for the pass. If you were a member last year, type in the name of each person one at a time and see if it is still in the system. If not, you may need to create a new guest. New members do this by typing in the name, address and birthday, etc.
Once you find the guest, or create a new one, you select the guest and enter his or her birthday. Check out is like most other things on line. You enter your billing name and address and make payment via Visa, Master Card or Discover.
Season passes are for personal use only and CANNOT be transferred to another person. Misuse of season pass or violation of area policies and procedures will result in loss of privileges at all resorts and prosecution. All prices are subject to change without notice.  
In addition to your Club passes we also have a new Pass Protection Plan allowing you to recover the pro-rated cost of your pass if a covered problem such as sickness, pregnancy, injury, or change of residency prevents you from enjoying the season in its entirety.  A letter on letterhead dated and signed by a doctor or employer is required for verification and must be received in writing, by Hidden Valley within 14 days of the medical incident or work transfer.  The Season Pass Protection Plan is also beneficial to those who tend to misplace things. To replace a lost season pass card, there is a $50 admin fee. With the Pass Protection Plan, Hidden Valley will replace your season pass one time for free.
There are no refunds or credits for season passes under any exception, unless Season Pass Protection Plan is purchased at the time you purchase your season pass.  The cost is $25 per pass. 
To learn more about Hidden Valley, you may visit the website at http://www.hiddenvalleyski.com/ If you still have questions, please email me at K3instl@att.net or call 314-607-8023.