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Statement of Purpose

St. Louis Homeschooling, Activities, Resources, & Encouragement (SHARE) is comprised of individuals or families interested in the concepts of educating children in the home and in providing a support group to encourage the highest standards and excellence throughout its membership. In addition, this organization furthers the appreciation of home education in the local communities through educational forums and other media communications.

This group provides the opportunity for fellowship and idea exchange among many people, including families that home school and those who are merely interested in home education. To accomplish this, the organization provides moral support through the exchanging of resources, curriculum ideas and open discussions of educational issues and by promoting educational opportunities through field trips and group activities. In addition, SHARE establishes a network for communicating political and legal information, including state and federal legislation which effect home education, by providing open meetings where qualified speakers address home educational topics and by providing a venue where children can present their accomplishments and be recognized for excellence.