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♦We love Homelink and plan to attend for the duration of our homeschooling experience.

♦I'm so grateful for the friendships that we made last year! It was our first year living in STL and we have made life-long friendships.
Also the CURRICULUM LIBRARY HAS SAVED ME HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS!  What a gift it is to Homeschool families!

♦Great place to learn! I love the small classrooms and the atmosphere at Homelink. There is no agenda being pushed on our kids other than to learn and to be respectful!

♦We love Homelink! My social child needs a chance to interact with others, and my not-so-social one needs to be around others and practice how to behave in a structured environment.

♦Dear Mrs. Cathy,
Thank you for always being there when we need you to help with boys, and doing Bingo, and just helping all the kids, and setting up projects like lady bugs and birds and all the other stuff.  Thank you!   Love, Rosalyn, Esmeralda, and Vera Brockman.



Oh my goodness! We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Homelink and are so sad that we waited so long to join in the amazing opportunities offered here!  The instructors or phenomenal and provide excellent educational instruction. The communication from instructors and organizers is top notch!

♦Great classes and wonderful teachers!  Many thanks to everyone for all of the hard work and care put into offering so many opportunities for education year after year!

♦Thank you for partnering with us in our children's education for the last 15 years!! Our kids love Homelink classes, especially Lisa & Jeff Bader's classes.  We are grateful for the love, suport, and flexibility that Cathy Mullins and the Homelink crew provide for our family!  Thank you for all of your hard work!

♦We love Homelink!  Been coming for years.  I cannot say enough good things about it.

♦We love Homelink! It was a life-saver last school year!

♦Hi, Mrs. Bader!

I just wanted to share with you what my daughter told me when I picked her up last week.  I meant to email you sooner and time has gotten away from me! My daughter is Braelyn Dimitro (and Payton!) They both have you, but at two different times.  They both have said from day 1 how much they enjoy your class, how much fun they have, etc. 

But last week, my daughter got in the car...and out of no where she says...

Braelyn: " Mom, I just really love Mrs. Bader.  She's just so friendly and wonderful. She's just.......JOY."

Those were her exact words.  If I'm being honest, Braelyn isn't always the easiest child to please. Very rarely does she give out compliments, especially not like that one. So that meant a lot to me! 

She really thinks the world of you.  And you have no idea how much happiness it brings me to know that she is working with an adult who is being so loving and caring towards her.  You are really making an impression on both girls.  Thank you for that! 


Jessica Dimitro



♦  I am so happy that we have this opportunity to take classes through Homelink - the quality of these classes is much better than private schools offer. MJ

♦ Nice to let the students make suggestions for foods they were interested in at the beginning of first semester. Thank you for sending home your awesome recipes. We have made the salsa many times. Scheduling special holiday influenced recipes was a great idea. Kids seemed to really enjoy the “guess what this kitchen tool is for” games. Kelly is very organized and clearly enjoys spending time conversing with her students. Thank you for offering this class.

♦ Logan tells me he doesnt have a favoite teacher at Homelink because he likes them all but I know that Mrs. Arneson has a special place in his heart and he will always remember how accepting she was of him when he was a little wilder. He has grown and matured through the years but his Arneson classes always seemed to be his favorites. Sandy has a way of bringing out the best in him.   CED

♦ Made it fun and hands on! The kids absolutely LOVED this class and say every single day how much they love it. Great job, Mr. Bader making it fun and interactive.

♦ Mrs Keilholz allowed our student to learn skills he’d never practiced before and win prizes on top of that.  Her enthusiasm, kindness, incredible knowledge, and just all around such a warm person!

♦ Ella loved these classes and the lapbooks were a fun, interactive tool for them to use.

♦ They made the class fun and simple so that we all need not stress and just have fun.

♦ Her curriculum was amazing and she was so sweet and patient with all of her students. My children love her.

♦ .I appreciated the individual consultation time Becca took with Kara this year. Reading is not something Kara enjoys and I was very glad to allow another influence in this area. Becca has a very sweet heart for all her students and their learning.


♦Thank you so very much for all you do to make this great opportunity (Homelink) a success!  Abby absolutely LOVES coming to Homelink!  I wish we had done it sooner.   NF

♦ All the Homelink teachers are amazing and I am grateful for them all.  MA


♦        My son has been blessed with the Homelink program from the moment he set foot in the doors.  He was accepted and made friends at Homelink in a time when traditional school was not fun or educational for him.  The atmosphere at Homelink has been an integral part of his growing and maturing process.   (K.D.)

♦    The Homelink teachers are amazing.  They all kept up with lessons and they worked extremely hard!  We are so impressed.  We also learned we prefer classrooms to online learning.   (M.A. 5/20 after we were all in quarantine) 


♦    Thank you, Mrs. Groom,  for all your hard work and devotion to teaching this class and your applied math class! My daughter has learned so much from you. It has been a wonderful introduction to the world of SHARE and Homelink. I hope you have a peaceful and relaxing summer with your sweet family.

♦    “I know I’ve said this before, but Homelink has made such a difference in our lives for the past 10 years. Now especially with my son being my only homeschooling child, it’s even more important. I’m so grateful!”  (R.M. 9/19)


♦    Independent Living Successfully, taught by Mrs Arryn Groom, is the best!  My daughter has learned so much and is far ahead of her two older siblings who are struggling with being independent and all that it involves!   Susan Stripeik (11/18)

♦  Here is an email to our science teacher, Mrs. Lisa Hummel, from a parent:

Lisa, I just wanted to share an update on how Jim is doing at Mizzou.  

He is taking BioChemistry, General Chemistry, Philosophy, and Sociology this semester.  At this point he has an A in all his classes.  I read on the parental Facebook page how many students are struggling in Chemistry and that they will lose their scholarships over this class.  I asked Jim about it and his reply was, “Mom, I’ve already taken this same class and Mrs Hummel was way harder.”  So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping prepare Jim so that college level Chemistry is “easy” for him.  Samantha Umfleet (11/18)

♦  Our family has been taking classes at Homelink for about many years, and it’s been an invaluable part of our homeschool journey. From foreign language to science to art, the teachers, the curriculum, and the other kids have added so much to my children’s academic and social experiences. Homelink teachers provide great instruction in subjects that I wouldn’t be able to teach on my own. In our family, “Homelink day” is always one of the best days of the week!    Rebekah Matt   (6/18)

♦ Comments made by various students on the last day of class when asked to write on a poster why they are coming back:

  • "I'm coming back because I love Photography!" Nina
  • "We are coming back because being at Homelink rocks--the environment is our cup of tea and we love Miss Cathy and our teachers!" The Jacobs
  • "I love the people and the classes."  Abby
  • "I'm coming back because I love my teachers."   Written by more than one student
  • "I love Homelink! The teachers here are so great!"   Deva"
  • ...because Homelink is awesome and fun!"  Bella
  • "It's fun and I learn a lot!"   Lydia
  • "It has awesome classes and lots of socialization time. I am sad to leave for summer break because I miss Homelink!"  Kellan
  • "Because the students and teachers are always nice and helpful."   Unknown
  • "I have lots of friends at Homelink!"  Jenna
  • "I'm coming back because Cathy and people here are cool!"  Unknown
  • "Creativity!"   Brittany
  • "I'm coming back because I really like art class!"  Norah
  • "I'm coming back because I love learning."   Jacob
  • "I like Cooking Class!"  Jacob K.
  • "I'm coming back because I love this community and I have really good friends here--and the classes and teachers are lovely!" Tegan

♦ "Thank you for everything you do for these kids! We really appreciate it and my husband and I are so thrilled to have found SHARE and Homelink for our boys!”  Jacqui Nischwitz

♦ "Absolutely my son will be back! He's already planning his schedule for next year!   I just can't tell you how pleased I am with Homelink....  
...my son is happy again and he's back to loving learning and school."  Mrs. H.    (5/18)

♦ "In the future, I will send my children only to Homelink for Science.  I let my youngest daughter take Physical Science elsewhere and I do not like it at all.  Ms. Hummel is very organized, she is clear with a syllabus, reading of material, work and testing is clear, and did I say Ms. Hummel is organized and clear with expectations?   My children have always tested high on standard tests in Science.  She is a gem!........................Mrs. M.A.


♦"I love Homelink!  I'm so excited for next year!"......................MJ Bergt

♦"Dear Mrs. Mullins, 
Thank you for making Homelink run.  I hope you have a good
summer and that Homelink goes on and on".........................Micah Follmer

♦Pam Weatherford, Thank you for being my teacher, my
mentor, and my friend all these years. You've inspired
me to love photography as much as you do. And I'm so
glad we share that. I realized recently that I don't only
want to take photos, I want to share that love I have for
it with others. I want to be a teacher like you. You've been
such a supporting and loving person to me. You make me
feel good about what I do. Not just in photography, in life.
Thank you so much for taking me under your wing.
I really feel like you're part of my family...........................
Kalli Keifer

♦Mrs. Lisa Bader has had a significant impact on our
homeschooling adventure. I am always amazed at
the beautiful works of art that my children create in
her classroom. Even more amazing to me is the sincere
encouragement Mrs. Bader uses in her classroom. I hear
her kindness echoing in our home as my children talk to
each other. Mrs. Bader's care for her students is clear;
she pours out patience and encouragement. She also allows
the children to develop their own artistic vision, helping them
realize their personal idea of each project. My children are
excited each week for class and dread the year they are
too old to sign up..........................................Beth Mennemeyer

♦Frau Lisa Hummel has been key for our homeshool.
Learning German was a very important part of our
educational journey. Frau Hummel presented the material
in a classic format, developing writing, speaking, and
vocabulary skills. Most particularly, Frau Hummel's accent
is very neutral, a definite benefit to the formal study of German.
Though learning a foreign language can be challenging, working
with Frau Hummel made the language accessible........Beth Mennemeyer

♦Dear Cathy,
....I want to let you know how great an experience I had at Homelink.  I have memories that will last me a lifetime....I feel that without you and Kerrie, Homelink would not be around today.  I wish you and Kerrrie the best of luck in your upcoming journey of the new school year. Again thank you for everything that you've done!........Zach Ketcham, 2017 graduate

♦The following comments come from homeschool mom, Sarah Ammon............................

Mrs. Oliver - Gabe and Maddie both took her drama classes.  They absolutely adore her.  They have so much fun with the improv games.  They can both be very shy so performing was hard for them at the end of the year, BUT they both said they would love to take the classes again.

Mrs Hummel - My kids love Mrs. Hummel.  They love her sense of humor and always seem very willing to work hard for her. (Much harder than for me sometimes!  Ha!)  They think it is "so cool" that she is so excited about science.

Mrs. Bader - Mrs Bader is so sweet!  Maddie was having a lot of anxiety this year and she really went out of her way to try to help put her at ease. Maddie's only complaint is that the class feels "more crafts-y" to her and she wants to learn how to paint.  So there is a class idea for Mrs Bader!

Mrs. Weatherford - Sam loved photography!  She took it three years in a row.  I think Pam does a great job of finding interesting places for the kids to take photos.

Mrs. Groom- Gabe really enjoyed the cooking classes.  He looked forward to the food they would be making each week and it really got him cooking and baking at home regularly.  It reminds me of America's Test Kitchen with lots of discussion about good ingredients and different/better ways to make things.  The restaurant night was so fun!

Mrs Gruver - Sam really enjoyed the ASL classes.  One of her favorite classes was the make up day they had because she got to spend more time communicating with Tai!  Gabe will likely be taking her class next year.

♦"Homelink definitely helped to keep us homeschooling happily!"  ~Laura Buffa  

♦"Thanks to God Almighty, my awesome wife, and you Cathy; along with many great others, like David's Physics teacher, Mrs. Hummel,...I bet she would be thrilled to know he is now employed as a Software Engineer at Boeing Aircraft...And I don't want to brag, but with 1 year on the job, he just got a raise to 80K a year! I think there is a NT scripture something like I have no greater reward than to know my children walk with the Lord." You get part of the blame here Cathy!"   ~A Homelink Dad