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SHARE Play Group at the Park!

Below are Play Group dates for the first semester of the year.  Hope you can join us.

It's always at 2:00 pm, but the park/venue location will change. Tentatively,
the following park locations below have been set up; however, if the weather is too
cold or rainy, please contact Dwayne Rhoden at 314-478-6484 to find out where they are meeting
that day.

Or if you would like to be on our list to know of future locations, please use that number
to text Dwayne and tell him so.  Be sure to leave your name in the message because non-contacts only show up as numbers!
Then, in the future, he will send you a text when  there are plan changes for the group. 
We'd like to stay active all winter.  laugh

If you would like to be on the email list for cancellation of the event due to inclement weather, please send your email to:     shareplaygroup@yahoo.com

Play Group dates but not necessarily locations:

Nov 16 - Lemay Park

Nov 23 - holiday no park

Nov 30 - Wilmore Park

Dec 7 - Suson Park

Dec 14 - Sunset HIlls

Dec 21 - Bohrer

Dec 28 - holiday....no park