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SHARE Youth Events are designed for youth, 13 years of age through high school graduation. Occasionally, depending on the activity, younger children will be invited to certain youth events. The youth have fun, and fellowship with each other. All activities are well chaperoned. 

A.  Youth Code of Conduct:  All youth will be held responsible for their actions and shall conduct themselves appropriately, showing regard for established authority and the rights and welfare of others.

1. We ask that all youth seek excellence, be honest, use clean speech, and be courteous and kind to both adults and other youth.
2. If you are bringing a guest to a Youth Event, please contact the coordinator of the event. Guests are welcome, but they must also follow our rules.
3. Appropriate language must be used at all times. No foul words will be tolerated! This offence may result in immediate contact with parents and possible suspension and/or denial to upcoming youth events.
4. No pairing off as couples is allowed and dating-type relationships will not be allowed at our youth events. We want our youth to socialize and develop healthy and godly relationships with each other, but            public displays of affection, are not allowed.

B. Dress Code Policy-The dress code is designed to ensure that everyone is dressed modestly, thereby protecting the purity of our brothers and sisters in Christ (see 1 Timothy 2:9). Being modestly dressed will promote a relaxed, fun atmosphere, free of distractions. We have no intention of trying to stifle anyone’s sense of style. We just want our youth to use common sense in what they wear and how they dress.

The adults in charge reserve the right to decide what is “modest” and appropriate for our atmosphere. If a student's attire does not comply with the Youth Event Dress Code, their parents will be contacted and asked to bring a change of clothing. If that is not possible, we have a variety of shirts, jackets, and other clothing they can borrow to wear for the day.

Here are the SHARE Youth Event Dress Code Guidelines
1. Clothes must be clean.
2. No bare feet.
3. Pants, shirts, shorts, dresses and skirts should not be too tight. (Pinch the sides to make sure you can grab some fabric. If not, assume they are too tight.)
4. Shorts, dresses, and skirts should not be too short. The adult monitor will determine what length is acceptable. Avoid short running shorts and wear longer basketball or soccer shorts.
5. Jeans, pants, and shorts should not have inappropriate holes or rips, and should be worn high enough so that the waistline is covered by a shirt and the underwear doesn’t show. No “sagging!”
6. Shirts should not be too sheer, low-cut, tight, or short. Tank tops, leotards. or camisoles should be worn under another shirt. No underwear or midriff showing.
7. All hats and caps are acceptable unless  
8. No clothing, jewelry or accessories that communicate offensive messages.

C.S. Lewis on modesty: “A real desire to believe all the good you can of others and to make others as comfortable as you can will solve most of the problems.”

Failure to adhere to the above dress code and conduct code may result in suspension and /or denial of participation at the Youth Events.

Contact information- If you ever need to contact someone about a certain Youth Event, please contact that person whose name is listed with that event.