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Our Goal!


 Our FINAL TOTAL for the 2021-22 school year was
$37.20    HOORAY!laugh
We had a goal of $500 that was not made;
however, there is always tomorrow!

HOWEVER, Cathy Mullins entered a sweepstakes and won!
As a result, SHARE received $500 from Boxtops!
Thank you, God!

Once again, our 2022-23 goal to $500.00.  Please try hard to
scan those receipts and get family and friends to either
scan or give them to you to scan.  

Thanks so much!

How to Help!

Boxtops can now only be scanned into your phone app!
Please download the app on your phone and begin taking photos of your receipts with Boxtop items.  Thanks!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  When you sign up and are trying to make SHARE your designated school, remember that they are using our full name.  So look for:
St. Louis Homeschooling, Activities, Resources & Encouragement.  If you need to check on an address, we are using mine, 3675 Montana St.  Thanks!

Clip only the old Boxtops!

Product List!

Click the Boxtop above for a list of Boxtop products:
Or go to:


Watch this!

Online shopping or Grocery Delivery?


Click on the image below to find out how to grab Boxtops for SHARE with your grocery delivery or online shopping. Includes Sam's, Costco, Target, Walgreen's, CVS, and Wal-mart