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SHARE/PE Picnic 2019

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Date – Time

Friday, May 31, 2019 – 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM


Sylvan Springs
300 Halsey Street
St. Louis, 63125

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SHARE/P.E. PICNIC IMPORTANT INFORMATION----Scroll all the way down to register!

NOTE: This end-of-the-year picnic is open to all SHARE members.
You do NOT have to have taken PE this year to come.
And…if you do not do PE, but you would still like to bless Coach Cort for over 30 years of service to the homeschoolers, please do!

-The SHARE/ P.E. Picnic is Friday, May 31, 2019 at Sylvan Springs Park in Jefferson Barracks (please see map below)  from about 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. This is right down the street from our Homelink location. Some families stay much later. Families can come at any time during the day, but it can be hard to join the group games if you are late.

-This event is free, BUT we are asking that you donate to Coach Cort Hubbard either through the website or at the picnic.
We want to make sure that he gets a nice donation this year, because he has been faithful to the homeschool community for over 30 years!!!

PLEASE sign- up through the SHARE website so we can give the park officials a head count and plan the group games and DJ contests. Go to: www.sharehomeschool.com and click on either the “SHARE/P.E. Picnic” clip art on the home page or go directly to the SHARE calendar for May 24th. You will be directed to another window with info about the picnic. Go to the bottom of the window and hit “Click here to sign up.” Fill in the appropriate information, listing BOTH names and ages of your children in the 2nd part.

Again, please be sure to give something to Cort as we are not charging for this event, even though it is costing money to rent the pavilion and buy prizes. Cort does SO MUCH for homeschoolers and gets paid very little!

- SPECIAL NOTE IF YOU WANT YOUR CHILD TO HAVE MORE FUN!  If your child is participating in the group games, it is best to arrive by 10:30 am for group instruction- and to find a seat/table in the Pavilion for your “stuff.” Please bring a simple dessert to share if possible, along with your picnic lunch, water bottles/beverages, sunscreen, “water” clothes or bathing suit, tablecloths, sports gear, squirt guns, water toys, toddler toys, blankets, cameras, etc. the sprinkler should be open since this event is after Memorial Day. But kids do bring squirt guns and get their “ammo” from the restroom’s outside faucet.

- There will be an Information Table in front of the Pavilion where you can ask questions, sign a thank-you card for Coach Cort, and give your donation if you have not done so online. We will make the presentation during lunch. After you sign the card, you can put your dessert on the special snack table.

- The P.E. Picnic begins with “P.E. style” group games from about 11:00 am to 12:00 noon in the big field. Cort, will meet with each age group at about 10:30 near the Pavilion to give instructions. Parents can then take their children out to the field to join the age group they think is best. The age groups will probably be 5-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, and 14 & up. The age cut-offs are flexible if your child wants to move up or down to be with friends or siblings. Cort and parent volunteers will have signs that direct you to a group. (NOTE: This can sometimes be a very confusing time for those who are late and/or have not played group games. Those in P.E. are familiar with the games and can jump in easily. If your child has never played a group sport or game or you are late, you should try to stay close by as a helper).

- We DESPERATELY need parents or older teens to help with the games from 11:00 am - 12:00 noon. Please indicate on your sign-up form if you would be willing to volunteer.

- So sorry, but the group games are not for preschoolers. Your child must be five years old to participate. We don’t want younger children to get injured or feel frustrated. There is also a large, new playground right next to the Pavilion for preschoolers to enjoy and I’ll try to have some chalk and bubbles or something for the little ones.

- After the games are over at about 12:00 noon, we all go back to the Pavilion to give Cort his gift and eat lunch and have dessert. You might want to bring a blanket and/or chairs in case there are not enough seats under the Pavilion.

- In the afternoon if it is not too hot, older students sometimes organize casual baseball/softball, soccer, football, or basketball games for those that are interested. Bring your sports gear! Parents are welcome to participate with the kids.

- When it is hot, the kids tend to prefer squirt gun battles in the afternoon instead of sports games. Pleased remind your child to be respectful of others and the “squirt gun battle etiquette” while at the park:   NO shooting water in the bathrooms, pavilion area or on the playground equipment.

- At about 1:00, homeschool dad (and professional DJ) Mark Chrun will be in the Pavilion to DJ with music, games and prizes for all ages! (Including everyone’s favorite –the Limbo contest!)

- We have the Lemay Pavilion until dusk and people are welcome to come and go as their schedules allow.

- Thank you for dressing modestly! No "booty" or extra-short shorts, "sagging" pants, skimpy tank tops, or camisoles. Avoid showing cleavage and/or midriffs. Sorry we have to say this, but…we do.

- BE SURE AND CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR ANY CHANGES AND UPDATES!  I am going to look into getting the Kona Ice truck to come again.

<-------------  Cort!
Please consider donating to Coach Cort before you sign up...thanks!  Be sure to write
"For Cort" on the PayPal memo note. laugh



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