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Stanford testing Online Reg. & Pay 2020

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2020 Stanford Achievement 10 Testing Registration Form

Please fill out this form and then proceed to pay via Paypal.
Log into your Paypal account and send the total amount to
this Paypal address:  Ekcjmullins@gmail.com

If you do not have Paypal, you may send your payment to:
Janel Schrunk
7534 Cheshire Lane
Affton , MO 63123

Make your check payable to S.H.A.R.E.

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Please list the FIRST AND LAST NAME of children to be tested and their grade level to be tested in(starts in 3rd grade):


Please click a box for each student testing.  Remember that 3rd grade tests are extra because they are writing in booklets.  Also, there is a $5.00 discount if you turn in your forms and check before 4/10.


Use your Ctrl & Shift keys to select multiples.
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*Note from Janel Schrunk about this “Homeschool Proof Document”…….

Each year, there are many questions about the “Homeschool Proof Document.” Some parents have not wanted to sign this document, thinking that it will be used against them at a later date. This form is not turned in to the publisher of the test. No one else will see it but the test administrator and anyone who helps her.

In order to take the Stanford 10 administered in a group of students who are not in a school environment, we have to certify that all are homeschooled. What the publisher does not want you to do is have your child practice for a later test—that is, your student who is enrolled in a private or public school should not take the test twice. This skews the results of the test and is considered cheating.

You also are agreeing not to discuss the test content. This is very import to the test publishers!

A few weeks after the test results are returned to us, the test administrator shreds the “Homeschool Proof Document.”


Homeschool Proof Document (please sign!)


I hereby certify that I have met all of my state’s requirements for homeschooling, and I am currently recognized by my state as a homeschooling parent.

The test(s) currently being ordered is/are for my homeschooled child(ren) as defined by Bob Jones University Press on their website (see below).

I further certify that the test(s) are in no way being used for the purpose of preparing my child(ren) or practicing for a later administration of the same or similar test in any public or private school or for purposes of advanced placement in a public or private school.

I agree to maintain full security of the testing materials and not discuss test content with any other parent or with any child(ren), including my child(ren).  I understand that my signature below is legally binding.

Note:  A student is considered to be home schooled if the majority of the child's academic education is privately funded and provided at home rahter than in a classroom setting.  Students whose educaion is home-based but provided by a publicly funded school would NOT be considered to be home schooled for purposes of these tests.


I have read the information about the Homeschool Proof Document and certify and agree to it by checking the "YES" box below:

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Please list the FIRST AND LAST NAME and grade levels of all students being tested with the tests on this order form.

Before you submit this form, please take note of how much you need to pay.

After you hit SUBMIT, please go to your personal PayPal account and send that amount to SHARE.  Use the address:
Ekcjmullins@gmail.com    If possible, make a note that says it is for the SAT.