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Posted 6/24/21

GAB Club is a Redwoods Member program:

GAB Club is for kids ages 4-13 to do gym class, art class, and a book class. There will be three age groups and each age group will rotate through the classes. This is a parent taught co-op, no drop offs. Parents are ultimately responsible for their children. Parents are asked to volunteer teach or be a helper to a teacher for one class (and can relax during the other two classes), or help with set/up and clean up.


Days: Every other Friday (2nd and 4th Fridays), meets five dates per session. Fall Session is Sept-Nov, Winter Session is Jan-March, Spring Session is April-June

*Arrival time is 10:00, classes end at 12:30, we must be out of the building by 1:00 pm. Optional, bring a picnic lunch for after GAB outside on the lawn and kids can play.


Location: Gym class will be in the parking lot (unless it's raining, then it will be in the Big Room). Park in the lower lot, leaving the first few rows near the grass empty.


Cost: $16 per student


Parent Jobs:


Gym teacher--- Instruct kids in activities and games to practice and build gross motor skills. (We have basic gym equipment, please let us know what you need us to bring for your class.) Plan appropriate activities for the parking lot and have some indoor movement activities (no balls) ready for rainy days.


Gym helper--- Help kids follow directions and participate in activities. Help teacher with demonstrations. Fill in for teacher in case of absence.


Art teacher--- Instruct kids in art techniques, skills, and appreciation to complete 2-3 art projects. Art should be more about fine arts instruction and less "arts and crafts" style. We have art supplies, please let us know what you will need us to bring.


Art helper--- Help assist teacher, guide kids in their work. Fill in for teacher in case of absence.


Book teacher--- Present books and reading to foster a love of learning and a love of reading. This is intended to be casual, lots of talking/discussing, no need for analyzing or lots of teacher planning. All kids: Kids are asked to bring a book they are reading or a favorite book each week to possibly share and talk about with their classmates. Younger kids: this typically translates to reading a picture book or books aloud and casually talking as a group. Middle kids: "book tastings" have worked well, learning about a particular aspect of books and showing examples. Ideas such as poetry or non-fiction vs. fiction or a particular author or a particular subject/topic/theme. Older kids: book club style where they're reading the same book and talking about it casually works well. 


Book helper--- Help teacher where needed. Fill in for teacher in case of absence.


***teachers and helpers are responsible to clean up their class related supplies/ projects/ mess


Nursery--- Care for our littlest ones. Sing, play, pretend, read books, etc. Leave the nursery cleaner than you found it. Wipe tables and chairs, toys, and other surfaces. Sweep or vacuum as needed. Take out the garbage.


Set Up/ Clean Up/ Closet--- Help set up as needed, float if needed, check that cleaning tasks are done, help clean where needed, keep the closet organized, post lost and found pics on Slack in #gab channel


***We will leave the building cleaner than how we found it.***


Helpers/ Floaters: Each parent who is not a teacher will be a helper in one class as your primary parent job. In addition to being a helper, you will also be assigned 2 days as a floater/clean up person. Floating simply means during the GAB day you check in on each class during each class period to see if teachers need assistance with anything and to ensure each class has at least 2 adults. Floaters will help to fill in in case of absence. 

Cleaning Tasks to be done by assigned Floater then checked by Clean up person. (You may enlist your children to help.)

  • Cleaning Task 1: Tables and floors-- wipe tables and sweep in classrooms and mom's room
  • Cleaning Task 2: Chairs + Trash-- wipe chairs and fold and put to side of room, collect all trash (classrooms + bathroom) and take to dumpster
  • Cleaning Task 3: Halls, Big Room, and Bathrooms— sweep entry hall and main hall and the big room, check bathrooms for cleanliness
  • Cleaning Task 4: Parking lot and lawn-- ensure trash and belongings are pick up

Floater--- This is not a pre-assigned job choice. Helpers and clean up jobs will take turns being a floater. A floater will be "on call" for the day they are assigned and will assist teachers/ helpers and be an extra set of hands and eyes where needed.


Supply Closet Info: In an effort to keep our supply closet well organized --we have one person assigned to be in charge of the closet, this is the only person to go into the closet, please. There will be a small table outside the closet to "check out" and "check in" supplies/equipment. You may post in the #GAB channel the morning of the supplies you'd like so that they will be ready for you. Thank you!


Mom room: There will be a room available for parents to hang out in and talk or work on your own thing for when you are not teaching, helping, or floating. You may of course stay with your child if needed.