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Volunteering To Publications / Articles

Posted 7/5/22


Please choose one area that you’d like to volunteer for:


Volunteer Teaching – Teachers! Those who love to teach can help by providing knowledge of their passion in a variety of ways: lead a Club (Summer STEM, Fall Sports, Spring Nature Study), teach a class on a topic/subject for Tuesday co-op, or teach Gym, Art, or Books at GAB Club.


Service Committee – Helping Hands! Those who like to help for various short-term tasks. Examples may include clean up crew for a holiday party, setting up or decorating for an event, putting supplies/kits together for a program, or long-term tasks may include being a helper to a teacher at Tuesday Clubs, Classes, or GAB Club.


Events Committee – Planners! Those who enjoy planning and putting together events/activities can help by planning field trips, First Friday Fun Days, holiday parties, and homeschool events.


Teen Council Committee – Coaches! Those who enjoy working with teens can help our teens coordinate/conduct Teen Council meetings, help teens plan various events and service projects, or chaperone teen events/activities.



**Each member will be a Volunteer Teacher or be on an Action Committee. Please choose one as your primary volunteer focus. You may help in multiple areas by responding to any posts that ask for help.

***Serving on a committee does not equate to attending meetings. The primary communication of coordinating volunteer tasks will happen in the appropriate Forum category. Occasionally, the board member coordinating an Action Committee or a group of Volunteer Teachers may email the particular members in that group. Please change your forum settings to receive notifications for all the Volunteering tasks you’re interested in.

{Redwoods Homeschool Community will only be able to offer programs, events, and activities for which we have volunteers willing to help. Naturally, the number of offerings made available will be directly related to the number of members.}