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Amber Peña

For Liberty's Legends: Being born on July 2nd, I have always felt a connection to the founding of our country. When I was young, excitement for my birthday and the 4th of July holiday blended together into one delicious feeling. As I grew older, I loved studying American History and in 8th grade, my team won our school district's Constitution Bowl. Now that compulsory education is behind me, I continue to study about the founding of our country because I love it. I feel that one of my purposes here on this earth is to teach principles of liberty to a new generation, who will then fight to preserve those principles. I am excited to co-mentor this class with the amazing Monica Carpentier and for the fun that we'll have together with your scholars learning about our country's Legends of Liberty.


For Physics: I was thoroughly intimidated by Physics when I first started my AP Physics class in high school. However, that feeling disappeared the day my Physics teacher brought us to the quad and let us launch water balloons at him, as an introduction to our study of projectile motion. I loved that class because my teacher made learning so hands-on and because it is empowering to learn the 'how' and 'why' behind phenomena we experience everyday. I hope to provide a similar experience for our scholars. I have a BS in Biology, one amazing husband and 4 adorable kids. I love all the sciences, but right now physics is my favorite ;)

Current Classes Instructed by Amber Peña
Physics Exploratorium - Fall Semester (open)
Religions of the World - Fall (open)
Physics Exploratorium - Spring Semester (open)
Religions of the World - Spring (open)