“The Roots of Education are Bitter, but the Fruit is Sweet.”

Scholar Phase

The SVLA Scholar School is focused on the Scholar phase of learning, as outlined in the Thomas Jefferson Model. These are students who are ready to choose into their own education and are ready to do the work. Typically Scholar Phase begins between ages 12-14 but can happen a little sooner or much later. SVLA classes, are open to students age 12 and older, however prepared younger scholars may be admitted upon request and interview.


A practice scholar is ready to “practice” scholar skills. They are beginning to spend real time studying, their attention span is increasing, and they are learning to be more responsible. Homework is by invitation and sometimes tied to an external reward. Mentors inspire and invite them to do hard things, then step back and allow them to make a choice. They are allowed the freedom to fail and learn from their experience.


Apprentice scholars are taking the next steps needed to move forward in their education. They realize that they truly do have something unique to offer the world, and have a greater desire to find out what that entails. They are more committed to and have more self-initiative in their studies. They can more easily inspire themselves, and begin to lead out more among their peers and siblings. They begin to set goals with deadlines, make commitments to read, write and complete projects. Mentors invite them to submit to requirements, feedback and more personal coaching. They are exposed to greatness, positive peer pressure, internal rewards and higher expectations. They choose to BECOME.


These scholars have experienced personal change from exposure to many classics, and are ready to have real impact in the world. They are ready to develop their own specific area of interest, create a detailed plan with the mentor and then pursue it. They are creating their own plans for their studies, and have solid self-discipline to follow through and answer to their own plans. They begin seeking a mentor outside the home, and are ready to make the full commitment needed for a full mentorial experience.They seek to pursue the life mission they were sent here to accomplish, open their wings and fly!