The SVLA board is a governing board of volunteer members who oversee all administrative duties regarding the SVLA community and Scholar School. The board consists of the following: Chairman, Parent Representative, Mentor Representative, Community Director, Operations Director, Secretary and Treasurer.

Chairman: Amanda Hansen

I was raised in North Ogden Utah then moved to St. George after high school to attend Dixie College. I met my sweet husband there and our family story began. We now have 5 amazing children and our homeschool journey has defined our life and our family culture. Jason and I are both passionate about freedom and education, especially the combination of the two. He has been working in education most of his adult life. I never thought I would be a “homeschooler” but that was the road God had in mind for me and my family. We have been homeschooling for 16 years now. We built a Commonwealth School in Hurricane Utah before moving here to West Jordan August 2016. Our older students needed a Scholar program and we found there were many others in the area with that same need. So, as we were inspired to do, South Valley Leadership Academy began. Many gathered and offered to help and I am so grateful. We hope this will become a training ground for homeschool youth who desire to own their own education and prepare for their personal life missions.

More about me: I am passionate about music and theater! I’ve taught music and theater my whole adult life, including as a Let’s Play Music teacher for 5 years. I love photography, reading, hiking, traveling and organizing fun events! I am a disciple of Christ and love to serve His children! Everything I do is for the benefit and blessing of my family and those around me. One motto I live by is “See a need, fill a need!” and I love to invite others along for the ride!

Mentor Representative: Andrea Briggs

I have four children and have homeschooled since the ‘beginning’. I love learning about everything, but my favorites are education, music, and permaculture gardening. I went to a terrific college where I got to read and read and read, another favorite, and got my degree in Liberal Arts. I love reading original works and seeing how things in every subject fit together. My overall favorite thing to study is my children, who are always fascinating and make sure I am always learning new things.

Parent Representative: Corilyn Gerritsen

Cori Gerritsen is a homeschooling mom of 5. She has been homeschooling for 10 years. She has a degree in dental hygiene. She loves learning and can’t get enough of it! Hoping to further inspire this love in her children and others, she is excited to participate with this amazing board in creating and supporting an inspired scholar school. In her personal time she loves spending time with her husband and children, reading, being outdoors, and gardening. She has a passion for sustainable living, nutrition, herbs and using her kids as guinea pigs for trying new natural remedies.

Secretary: Annamarie Reed

I grew up in beautiful Washington State and happily left for BYU after high school.  I got degrees in Comparative Literature and Plant Science (I guess I must have been planning to homeschool without even knowing it).  I’m also a therapeutic horse riding instructor, which allows me to teach people from every area of life how to develop their personal goals using the most beautiful therapy animal - the horse.  I served a mission in Peru and Ecuador. I have been educating my two wonderful children at home for eleven years. My oldest just graduated from high school and my youngest is 10 going on 16. It’s the best job I’ve never been paid for and I wouldn’t trade it for any other occupation.  I’m delighted to try and keep up with the details of SVLA as the secretary for this coming year.

Treasurer: Cassi Carnes

I grew up in southern Indiana but haven’t lived there since I graduated high school and left for Ricks College. We then lived in Colorado for 13 years before moving to Utah 7 years ago. It has become home to me and my 4 children. I have been homeschooling for the past 4 years and couldn’t imagine it any other way. I am very passionate about learning. I love to read up on any subject that catches my fancy and I’m a documentary junkie. I work from home as a bookkeeper and a certified Foot Zonology Practitioner. My favorite job, though, is being a mom!

Community Director: Amy Olsen

Amy, wife and mom to 6 high-energy kids (7, if you count her husband) homeschooled from the beginning, with inspiration from God and amazing homeschool families. Even with all its demands and challenges, she knows homeschooling is essential to help her family become who God wants them to be. Equally important, agency has been key, allowing her children make decisions in their own education- even decisions to try and to ‘fail’ (according to society’s standards). Lessons are learned when we try- no matter what the outcome.

Amy loves exercising and learning, especially reading historical non-fiction, health, wellness and natural remedy media.

In her spare time, Amy is a midwife, assisting women to feel loved, safe and realize their strength as they bring God’s spirits into this world.

She receives inspiration on how to balance life, motherhood, and family from Brigham Young’s admonition to his daughter, "Daughter, use all your gifts to build up righteousness in the earth. Never use them to acquire name or fame. Never rob your home, nor your children. If you were to become the greatest woman in this world, and your name should be known in every land and clime, and you would fail in your duty as wife and mother, you would wake up on the morning of the first resurrection and find you had failed in everything; but anything you can do after you have satisfied the claims of husband and family will redound to your own honor and to the glory of God."

Operations Director: