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South Valley Leadership Academy

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Welcome to South Valley Leadership Academy! We are glad you found us. Please read through the Membership Agreements and Policies and Procedures linked to this form to be sure this group is what you are looking for.

If you are a Current Member, please register and pay. Your membership will be approved shortly. 

If you are a New Member, you will need to have an interview before your membership is approved. Please send an email to [email protected] to request an interview. Let us know some times that you are available and we will try to accomodate you. You can wait to pay your semester fee until after your memebership is approved, or you can pay after you submit this form.

If you are registering as an Associate Mentor, meaning you do not have any children attending SVLA, please fill out this form with N/A in the child fields. Please enter your birthday in the 'child birthday' field so that we have it on file. Registering with our website gives you access to your class roles and forums. Thank you for coming into our community to be a mentor for us, we truly appreciate your service.


Notes about this form: We encourage you to put your spouse and their information in the 'Secondary' fields (or Phone 2). We also encourage you to add all of the children in your family to this form using the 'Add a Child' button, not just the children attending SVLA. We would love to get to know your family and help you and your children meet new friends. This information will be shared in the directory to help you network with other families, unless you select to have children information hidden. We also encourage you to share the email of any student attending classes, as this information will be given to class mentors. If you add a password for your child, they have a limited use login that let's them access their own classroom dashboard, which includes their class forums. 

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