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Welcome to Heart of Mary Educators!  Once approved, you will be asked to pay our yearly family membership fee. It is $40 per year, due in August. We pro-rate our fees, so that if you join later in the year, you will not pay the full amount. Here is the breakdown: August-October $40, November-January $30, February-April $20, May-July $10.

Please note, when registering, our website allows for a family log-in, not individual log-ins for each spouse. The information fields below will guide you through. Please fill in a secondary email address if you want your spouse to receive HOME communications in their own inbox. Child log-ins are available, but not required. 

On the Forum section of registration, please select YES where it says "Would you like to receive forum notifications via email (not just the ones you create)?" This is so that you will receive all communication in the thread areas in your email inbox. There are two threads available. The HOME thread will contain all general and important postings.  

Thank you for registering! We look forward to having you in our homeschool community!





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