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Welcome to the KRHEST Website!
KRHEST is a group of Christian families from Kenosha, Wisconsin and the surrounding areas, who come together to:
  • Share in relationship (friendships)
  • Share in activities (field trips, enrichment classes, events & more)
  • Share homeschooling information
  • Support/encourage one another throughout this journey
We believe the Bible is the ultimate source of truth and wisdom.  Our goal is to honor the Lord Jesus Christ as we raise and teach our children and as we interact with each other.
KRHEST is run entirely by volunteers.  Everything being done is accomplished by other moms and dads who are homeschooling their own children and share of their time, efforts & talents.  Our hope is that KRHEST is a group that appreciates & encourages each other.  We hope to create an environment where members feel confident to create, organize, and participate in collective educational experiences by using their individual gifts and talents to enhance the group as a whole.


open to the public on May 14th
at Baptist Tabernacle Church in Kenosha 
(right next to Southwest Library)
Want to join KRHEST?
1. Click Request Membership (top toolbar).
2.  Fill out and submit the membership form.
3. Come to one of our two meetings to enroll and pay.
 *Enroll at our August Meeting
If you are interested in joining
the next enrollment will be at our August meeting.
(Check back later for exact date and location.)
 Yearly Membership Fees
$25 plus sign up for two volunteer positions in KRHEST
$50 if you are unable to volunteer this year
(Please bring a check made out to KRHEST or exact change with you.)
KRHEST will only have two enrollment days.
These two days will be the ONLY opportunity to join the group.
Enrollment will take place at our meetings in
August and January
(exact dates to be announced)

For general questions about KRHEST contact Angela.