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Welcome to the KRHEST Website!

KRHEST is a group of Christian families from Kenosha, Wisconsin and the surrounding areas, who come together to:

  • Share in relationships (friendships)
  • Share in activities (field trips, enrichment classes, events & more)
  • Share homeschooling information
  • Support/encourage one another throughout this journey

We believe the Bible is the ultimate source of truth and wisdom.  Our goal is to honor the Lord Jesus Christ as we raise and teach our children and as we interact with each other.

KRHEST is run entirely by volunteers.  Everything being done is accomplished by other moms and dads who are homeschooling their own children and share of their time, efforts & talents.  Our hope is that KRHEST is a group that appreciates & encourages each other.  We hope to create an environment where members feel confident to create, organize, and participate in collective educational experiences by using their individual gifts and talents to enhance the group as a whole.

Registration is open! We'd love to see you join our group.


Q: Is KRHEST an official 501c3?

A: No. We are a "club" and no one receives compensation for any level of leadership or participation.

Q: How is KRHEST run?

A: We operate on a completely volunteer basis. We encourage every member to plug in and attend things that interest them and likewise contribute their time and talents to the group in any way possible. We have divided the types of events and activities we hold into categories or "committees" to better guide participants into an area of service but no one is limited to just one committee in any given year.

Q: Do you have Enrichment opportunities?

A: We typically hold 2 sessions of Enrichment classes per year. These have been held on Thursdays for 5 weeks in the Fall and again in the Spring. Those offering to teach or conduct a class get preference in signing their children up for classes before the rest of the group as an incentive to encourage more classes offered for each age level. Classes vary in type, price, and scope.

Q: Do you have field trips?

A: Every year we have various field trips as well as many other activities and events. Since we are completely volunteer-run, these change from year to year. We try to encourage field trips for participants of many age ranges so that all interest levels and family needs are met.

Q: Are there social opportunities for my child?

A: We try to encourage both academic events and activities as well as those of a more social nature for both specific age ranges and for whole families. These opportunities change somewhat on a yearly basis depending on the demographic of our group at the time. 

Q: Is KRHEST a Christian homeschool group?

A: Yes, while we do not ascribe to just any single denomination; our group is comprised of Bible-believing members of many varieties. We welcome anyone to join with the understanding that we often pray before meetings and events and families may bring up Biblical concepts during classes.

Q: How do I homeschool in WI?

A: In Wisconsin, we must file form PI-1206 with the Department of Public Instruction, not asking for permission, but informing them that we are instructing our children at home. This form attests that we are not circumventing the school attendance laws and are providing at least 875 hours of instruction per year covering at least reading, language arts, math, social studies, science, and health.

This form lists the number of students that are being homeschooled and notifies the state that the family intends to comply with the homeschooling laws. If your child is age 6 or older by September 1, you must file this form by October 15 of each year.

Forms are submitted online:

Please note that while many consider the public school option at home homeschooling (such as Virtual Academy, K-12, Kenosha e-school), membership in KRHEST is reserved for those who are legally homeschooling; which in Wisconsin means submitting the DPI form PI-1206 to the state.

Q: I live in Northern IL, can I join KRHEST?

A: Yes. However, the homeschool laws are slightly different in IL than WI, please make sure you are aware of the regulations for your area.

Q: What about the 875 hours of school per year?

A: Under WI statute and per the DPI form we submit annually we agree to conduct 875 school hours per year for our families. This is meant to be counted on an individual family basis and is not meant to include group activities including those held by our group, however, they could be included on a transcript if you so chose as the head of your family's home-based private school.

Q: I want to plan an event/field trip; do I need to get permission to post it?

A: Not at all. Anyone can plan any event or activity they like and put it before the group. If people want to attend they will. If not, they won't. To get your event placed on our official calendar for online sign up just submit the info to our website coordinator in advance.

Q: What is the difference between homeschooling, virtual schooling, and eschooling if they are all done at home?

A: Home-based private education in the state of WI is school at home where the parent purchases and lays out the curriculum for their child, regardless of format involved (whether or not it utilizes a computer). This is done independently of any other entity or school.  You are subject to filling out the Wi DPI form PI-1206 online every year.  

A virtual school is usually a charter school which is a branch of public school.  Regardless or not if it is one from the district you live in, it is considered public schooling and even if it involves parental choice in the curriculum, it is largely administered and evaluated by teachers paid thru the public school. It should be little to no cost to the family. You are NOT subject to the DPI form in the case of virtual school, but if it is thru a district you do not reside in you must file for open enrollment and then your school district pays for it - and your child still gets registered for public schooling.

Eschool is typically a branch of public school where the local school district has laid out the courses to be completed at home thru the use of a computer. You are not subject to the DPI form and are considered fully enrolled in public school.

An exception to these is if your child is using a virtual or eschool option provided by a private school, but then your child is enrolled at the private school and you are paying them for it and are still not subject to the DPI form.

Q: Can eschoolers or virtual schoolers join KRHEST?

A: Yes, if you feel our community would benefit your family we do not turn away virtual schoolers or eschoolers and HSLDA advised us of no concerns in doing so; however it is important to distinguish the differences and know where your family falls so that when we discuss requirements at meetings you know what applies to you. The department of public instruction does not want people enrolled twice as that messes with tax allocations and funding.

Please contact Helen Thomas with questions on membership.