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Homeschooling in WI


In Wisconsin, we must file form PI-1206 with the Department of Public Instruction, not asking for permission, but informing them that we are instructing our children at home. This form attests that we are not circumventing the school attendance laws and are providing at least 875 hours of instruction per year covering at least reading, language arts, math, social studies, science and health.

This form lists the number of students that are being home schooled and notifies the state that the family intends to comply with the home schooling laws. If your child is age 6 or older by September 1, you must file this form by October 15 of each year.

Forms are submitted online:

Please note that while many consider the public school option at home homeschooling (such as Virtual Academy, K-12, Kenosha e-school), membership in KRHEST is reserved for those who are legally homeschooling; which in Wisconsin means submitting the DPI form PI-1206 to the state.