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Q: How much does it cost to be in this homeschool group?

A: $25 per family per year

Q: Is KRHEST part of a church?

A: KRHEST is not affiliated with just one church body BUT we are a Christian Homeschooling group and we encourage Biblical education as well as pray at meetings and events.

Q: Do you allow Eschoolers or virtual schoolers?

A: Traditionally, in WI, only those that fill out the WI DPI form as home-educators every year would qualify as homeschoolers in our group; however in recent years we have begun to include anyone who views themselves as a homeschool family, if their schedule allows the flexibility to participate.

Q: Do you have mandatory meetings or requirements?

A: We do not mandate attendance at any of our meetings or events however we strongly encourage you to sign up for and attend things as well as jump in and find ways to engage. Your family will get much more out of membership in our group if you do.  We are 100% volunteer run, so that means all classes, events, and meetings are organized and orchestrated by other parents. You can do it!

Q: Can I sell my services or products to the group?

    A: We have a classifieds section where you can post a link to your family business or sales site or list anything you are looking to sell. However, we prohibit members from inundating each other with direct sales pitches or anything similar. It just isn’t the format for that.  

    Q: What is an Enrichment class? Do you hold those?

    A: Enrichment classes are short-term weekly classes we hold in the Fall (and sometimes also in the Spring) to supplement our home-education in various areas. They change year to year depending on what parents volunteer to teach. They are held in different places/times each year. You MUST register for membership in our group BEFORE Enrichment Sign Up occurs in order to have your child participate. We do not allow late enrollment for Enrichment classes unfortunately.

    Q: When should I register?

    A: Our system “resets” in July. All of us renew at that point. We allow anyone to join at anytime however the fee is the same whether you join in July or August or whether you join in May right before the system resets. If you join later in the year, you will still be required to rejoin in July with the rest of us due to the nature of the host website billing procedures. Therefore we strongly recommend either registering early on in July or August or if it is later in the year, holding off until the next July renewal.

    Q: Who do I contact if I have more questions about KRHEST?

    A: Amanda Paul: [email protected]