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Business Affiliates

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The purpose of this Agreement is to aid in the understanding of the relationship requirements between the business listed below, hereafter referred to as "Business Affiliate" and Denton County Home School Association, a non-profit organization, hereafter referred to as "DCHSA" or "Association" with regard to Business Affiliation.



Responsibilities of BUSINESS AFFILIATE

  • BUSINESS AFFILIATE agrees to pay the stated annual fee of one-hundred dollars ($100)
  • BUSINESS AFFILIATE agrees to place the DCHSA logo and link on its web page.
  • BUSINESS AFFILIATE agrees to participate in providing services to home school community via collaboration with DCHSA at lease one tme annually or is encouraged to provide special DCHSA offers to Association members.
  • BUSINESS AFFILIATE acknowledges DCHSA's Statement of Faith.

Responsibilites of DCHSA

  • DCHSA will place the BUSINESS AFFILIATE logo, web link, contact info, and company description on the DCHSA web page and/or newsletter.
  • DCHSA will list the company name of the BUSINESS AFFILIATE on appropriate promotional material.
  • DCHSA will offer the BUSINESS AFFILIATE promotional sponsorship opportunities to some DCHSA events, including promotional tables.
  • DCHSA offers collaboration with BUSINESS AFFILIATE at lease one a year on a program or informational session that provides exposure to BUSINESSAFFILIATE and serves Association membership.


This Agreement will remain in-effect for one year after the signing of this agreement unless terminated by the participating organizations. At the conclusion of this term it may be extended by mutual written agreement of the Parties. Modifications can be made at any time by mutual agreement of the signatories or their successors.


Type Business name, representative name and date to agree to Business Affliation.


I acknowledge DCHSA's Statement of Faith.

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