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About Madison HEART

NOTE (August 2019): HEART is in the process of transitioning to this platform. As a part of this transition, our Bylaws are in the process of being revised. The following information will be updated as soon as revised Bylaws are adopted.


HEART is a Madison, WI area inclusive homeschool support group -
               Homeschoolers Exploring Activities and Resources Together

HEART seeks to foster an egalitarian, inclusive, homeschooling support group to enhance the homeschooling experience of our members. We encourage, nurture, affirm, and celebrate family-centered learning in a welcoming and supportive environment. We provide opportunities for our children to learn from others in the group and engage in activities that further their interests. We also provide opportunities for members to ask questions and voice concerns regarding homeschooling.

For immediate support please contact: HEARTnewmembercontact@gmail.com

We all choose what best fits our families. Members are always free to offer an activity, trip, club, party, or event to the group. Don't feel shy! Not everyone wants to do everything. Some folks want to try everything! Offer what excites you and your family -- park days, meet-ups at museums, origami, playing in the mud, book clubs, cooking together, Minecraft, chess, digging a big hole, building a garage, laboratory science, writing a novel, dyeing silk -- you never know who you will meet! 

It is requested that people leave discussions of religion and politics off the forum -- we are here because we choose to homeschool. 

We look forward to getting to know you and your family!!