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Madison HEART Volunteers

NOTE (August 2019): HEART is in the process of transitioning to this platform. As a part of this transition, our Bylaws are in the process of being revised. The following information will be updated as soon as revised Bylaws are adopted.


HEART is led by a group of volunteers who hold the following positions. Volunteer positions (except the two Forum Moderators and the Webmaster) have one-year terms (from May member meeting to May member meeting, plus transition time) so that a broader representation of the group can be experienced from year to year. The two Forum Moderators are staggered two-year positions so that the technical knowledge can be passed along. The Webmaster's term is indefinite due to the technical knowledge required.

It is highly preferable that volunteers have been a member of HEART for at least one homeschool year. The members volunteering for these positions can have their membership fee waived for the year, as it is a significant time commitment. If more than one person has volunteered for a position, a name will be drawn out of a hat.

Meeting Facilitator

  • Sets and facilitates HEART meetings in September, January, and May.
  • Solicits agenda items, creates and posts agenda to the appropriate member forum.
  • Ensures that meeting minutes are taken and posts them to the appropriate member forum
  • Solicits new volunteers before the May Meeting; announces the new volunteers to the group; and maintains a list of the current volunteers on the member website.
  • Refills any volunteer positions when there is a vacancy or if there is consensus among the volunteers that a volunteer is not performing the duties of their position.
  • Holds votes for the whole HEART group on issues that arise at the meetings using the member website. 

Forum Moderator (2 volunteers with staggered 2-year terms)

  • Monitors the HEART forums to prevent spamming and scamming.
  • Steps in to moderate conversations when HEART rules are being violated.
  • Updates forum guidelines as needed.


New Member Contact

  • Is also a Forum Moderator with limited privileges.
  • Receives an e-mail from the Bookkeeper when a new member has paid. 
  • Contacts the new member to provide them information about HEART, including these Bylaws, and to see if they have questions or would like to speak on the phone. 
  • Posts a “Welcome New Member” in the appropriate forum to introduce the new member to the group.
  • Monitors the HEARTNewMemberContact@gmail.com address.



  • Manages the HEART bank account and PayPal account.
  • Keeps financial ledger.
  • Pays for homeschool-life.com website.
  • Requests renewals by October 15th each year. Deposits renewal checks. 
  • Manages the Member Directory to reflect the current membership.
  • Contacts non-renewing members to let them know they will be removed from the group if they do not renew. Two weeks later, suspends all members who have not renewed their membership. Deletes all members whose accounts have been suspended for 2 renewal periods.
  • Alerts the New Member Contact when a new member has joined.
  • Provides the current financial information either in person at the HEART meetings or ahead of time to the Meeting Facilitator.
  • Disburses funds on a first come, first serve basis to members arranging activities that are open to the entire group.


Potluck Coordinator

  • Find a place and dates for activities centered around food. Often held monthly.
  • Work with bookkeeper to ensure payment of any facility rental fees, if necessary.
  • Communicate dates and location of potlucks to all members through the member website calendar, and solicit RSVPs and food signups, if necessary.
  • Ensure HEART guidlines are followed and members adhere to the rules of the facility.


Webmaster (indefinite term)

  • Updates any information as needed on the public website.
  • Manages the infrastructure of the member website, including enabling and disabling features, troubleshooting issues, and staying up-to-date on communications from homeschool-life.com.
  • Tracks passwords for accounts (gmail, paypal) to maintain continuity.


The following positions are wonderful to have filled if we have people who are interested and willing, but are not essential to the functioning of HEART.

Homeschooling Resources Directory Editor

  • Maintains listing on member website of homeschooling resources in HEART as well as in Madison at large including clubs, classes, shows, other homeschool groups, etc.


Group Theater Ticket Coordinator

  • Arrange to purchase tickets as a group through Children’s Theater of Madison, Overture OnStage, and/or other local theaters.
  • Take orders and payment from HEART members through the member website.
  • Communicate updates from the theater(s) regarding changes and cancellations.
  • Maintain a list of performances and attendees on the member website calendar for reference.