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Madison HEART

HEART is a Madison, Wisconsin area inclusive homeschool support group...
...Homeschoolers Exploring Activities and Resources Together

HEART seeks to foster an inclusive homeschooling support group to enhance our members' homeschooling experiences. We value all homeschoolers regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity, or socioeconomic status. As a group, we embrace this diversity and the opportunities for learning that it provides. We encourage, nurture, affirm, and celebrate family-centered learning in a welcoming and supportive community. 

Members arrange activities to provide opportunities for our children to socialize, learn from others in the group, and further their interests. We also provide opportunities for members to ask questions and voice concerns regarding homeschooling.

We all choose what best fits our families.  You are always free to offer an activity, trip, club, party or event to the group.  Don't feel shy!  Not everyone wants to do every thing.  Some folks want to try everything!  Offer what excites you and your family--park days, meet-ups at museums, origami, playing in the mud, book clubs, cooking together, Minecraft, chess, digging a big hole, building a garage, laboratory science, writing a novel, dyeing silk--you never know who you will meet! 

It is requested that people leave religion and politics out of HEART forums and gatherings because we are here primarily because we choose to be personally responsible for our children's educations. 

We look forward to getting to know you and your family!!

HEART Membership

HEART Member families:

  • Are homeschoolers; that is, they have submitted, or plan to submit when children become of age, the form PI-1206, for at least one member of the household. Exception: families may remain members for one year after they are done homeschooling.
  • Pay the annual membership fee. This covers events that are open to the entire HEART membership, such as potlucks, field trips, parties, etc. This fee may be waived for low income families at the discretion of the bookkeeper.
  • Participate in HEART planning meetings, either by attending meetings in person, or by keeping informed of decisions facing the group and involving themselves in the decision making process.
  • Volunteer within the group by arranging an activity or taking on a position in the group.
There is a two-step process to join MadisonHEART:

  • Please fill out the electronic form on this website's JOIN HEART page
  • Pay membership fee of $23/family/year (HEART's Membership Year runs September 1st through August 31st.)
Your form and payment must be submitted before approval is granted to the member-only website.

HEART Resources

To accomplish our purpose, HEART has the following resources:

  • Public-facing website to inform non-members of our purpose and sign up new members
  • Member-only website including:
    • Member-managed calendar of events and activities
    • Member directory
    • Discussion forum
    • Account management and membership renewal
    • Other online resources and tools
  • Weekly park days in good weather
  • Weekly gym days in the winter
  • Monthly board game days
  • Field trips
  • Many activities arranged by HEART members
  • HEART planning meetings

Heart Contacts

Dina, New Member Contact - HeartNewMemberContact@gmail.com