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Who We Are

Agape is a Christian support group for home school families in Loveland and the surrounding area. Our goal is to foster support and relationships, driven by educational and social opportunities. We are a forthright Christian group, with no affiliation to any specific church or denomination. We are simply homeschooling parents who desire to come together with like-minded believers to support each other.

Agape holds Family Fellowship Nights throughtout the year such as our Back-to-School Fall Potluck, Winter Family Fellowship, and  Field Day/ End of the Year Picnic, as well as Park Days, Moms' Nights Out, Field Trips, Teen Nights, Electives Co-op for 6 weeks in late winter, and other events that may come up throughout the year. 

Agape activities are determined by what members desire and are willing to set up or facilitate.  Field trips, co-ops, small groups such as Teen Nights and Moms' Night Out often occur throughout the school year.

All correspondence goes out through our email loop.  This is where we share field trips and other upcoming activities.  There is a private calendar for members which shows the schedule of all activities for the group each month.

A library is available for Agape participants. It holds a wealth of homeschool books and resources. Supplies (microscope, educational games, test prep resources, etc.) are also available for check out. The library is open once a month as the librarian is avaialable. 
Agape is a member-driven organization, and members vote in officers to lead the group. Leadership decisions are based on the expressed needs and desires of the participants.

There is a membership fee of $25 per family each year. This pays for our meeting place, website, event expenses, our library and more.   Extra fees may apply for some of the activities (such as field trips and electives classes). Scholarships are available for those who need it,

If you are interested in learning more about Agape, or on homeschooling, please contact us at