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Welcome! We are a homeschool co-op meeting in Walkersville, MD. We hold classes on Tuesdays during the school day. Students are assigned work to complete throughout the week and turn this work in on the following Tuesday

As homeschool parents, we feel that God has called and enabled us to homeschool our children.  We feel that cooperatively we can provide educational opportunities that may not be possible on our own.  Signature classes, 1st grade and above, are open to children who are registered as a homeschooler with their state (either directly or through an umbrella).    

Signature reserves the right to suggest movement to a lower grade in the event that a student constantly disrupts the flow of the class and/or can’t keep up with the classwork. 


Parents are required to serve in the co-op, either in teaching, assisting, and/or other administrative tasks.  All classes are meant for academic purposes and are meant to support the homeschool family in their endeavor to provide a rich, academic, Christian education for their children.  There will be weekly homework assigned to reinforce what they are learning in co-op. There will also be occasional field trips and other days planned to use for presentation or for working on a project together to supplement what is being learned in class. Attendance at these is strongly encouraged as it will help your child to apply the concepts being learned in class.