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Mission Statement

Signature seeks to provide an academically rigorous but encouraging classroom setting once a week, where students will have a venue for sharing their thoughts, projects, and creativity in a structured setting. We feel that positive peer and teacher accountability are crucial for homeschoolers---especially as they enter their middle school years. We also believe that weekly attendance will not only be motivating, but will also help students to develop personal responsibility for assignments and give them an enthusiastic audience for their hard work.  

Most importantly, however, we want the kids to be in awe of God’s diverse and colorful world. By exploring excellent literature, observing His providential plan throughout history, discovering the diversity of different countries and people groups, and delving deeply into the wonders of Creation through our study of science, we hope that His extravagant plan will become abundantly clear.  Through group discussion, science labs, and creative projects, it is our prayer that students will come to the unmistakable conclusion that we serve an awesome God!