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Steering Committee

Since the membership and needs of Signature change from year to year, we have a Steering Committee that provides commitment to the mission of the co-op, through administering our programs and decision-making.  Those who serve on the Steering Committee are serving in addition to other co-op responsibilities, either teaching or administrative. When there is an opening on the Steering Committee, the team will prayerfully and practically consider a replacement, taking into account the co-op as a whole and the qualifications for team membership.  The Steering Committee, as a whole, will be representative of the group by having children spanning all of our class levels.   

Qualifications of a Steering Committee Member are as follows: 

  • Must have participated in Signature for at least one year. 

  • Must be committed to the mission of Signature. 

  • Must be responsible, reliable, and capable of administering and decision-making. 

  • Must be committed to open and honest communication. 

  • Must attend planning meetings and respond in a timely manner to emails on decision making matters.

Members are welcome to contact any member of the Steering Committee at any time regarding any questions or concerns.  Please be aware that the director needs to be aware of any concerns. Steering Committee meetings are scheduled quarterly and all members of the Steering Committee are required to participate. Whenever possible Steering Committee meetings will be scheduled during co-op hours.

We value each member of our co-op and often request input, thoughts or questions.  Signature members are always welcome to bring questions or ideas to the team at any time.  When it comes to final curriculum choices and classroom decisions, the final decision will be made prayerfully by the Steering Committee, looking to honor the majority of families.