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For Teachers

Teacher Qualification and Responsibilities:

  1. All  1st-8th grade teachers must have homeschooled their own children for at least one full year before teaching in a Signature classroom.  

  2. All high school teachers must have taught in a classroom or homeschool co-op setting for at least one full year before teaching at Signature. 

  3. All teachers will come to co-op prepared.

  4. All teachers will post weekly homework by 9 pm on Tuesday evening. 

  5. All teachers must adhere to the Discipline and Standards Policy and be committed to open and honest communication with parents.  

  6. Teachers will provide two report cards a year.  

  7. Teachers will attend a planning meeting in the summer and attend Back to School night.

  8. In the event that teachers are unable to attend co-op, they are required to provide plans for a substitute or assistant to take over these responsibilities.   


Teacher Compensation Policy  

While we are cooperative in nature, there are clearly some moms that carry significantly more responsibility with planning and teaching.  As a result, we offer the following discounts for teachers: 

Elementary and middle school teachers receive one free tuition for a child in the grade you are teaching. (If you are teaching for another grade level, a tuition gift amount will be given equal to the tuition for  the grade level that you are teaching.)

High school teachers receive an honorarium per student credited toward tuition based on predetermined costs by the Steering Committee.

Student teachers are only permitted with special permission from the Steering Committee. Student teachers must be at least 15 years old and there must be at least 2 class levels between the student teacher and the grade he/she wishes to teach. Student teachers may receive a maximum gift of $20 per student taught.