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For Parents

Parent Responsibilities: 

  1. Be willing to review and adhere to all policies in the Handbook.

  2. Read over all Students Responsibilities as defined below with your child and encourage them to adhere to all policies.

  3. Hold your student accountable to complete their homework assignments  and contact the teacher in regard to any missed homework. Follow up with student about any incomplete homework. 

  4. Children develop the abiltiy to work independently at different ages. If needed, actively participate in your child's education at home.

  5. Commit to improving the quality of Signature by bringing your thoughts, suggestions, and concerns to the Steering Committee.

  6. Arrive at 8:45 am on Tuesdays.  Classes start at 9:00 am and we will not wait for everyone to arrive. In the rare occasion when a family arrives late, we expect that they will not disturb any part of co-op that is already in session.  

  7. Serve in a parent volunteer position if you are not teaching. Mark your calendar and arrive on time to serve in your role as set up, take down, recess or lunch oversight, or any other administrative task for which you have responsibility.  

  8. Contact the substitute coordinator as soon as possible if you cannot attend on co-op days.  Additionally, if you are a teacher’s aide, please call the teacher with whom you work.

Conflict Resolution Policy 

Unfortunately, personality conflicts and misunderstandings can happen. It is important that we agree on how to deal with these situations should they arise.  

Based on Matthew 18, if conflict arises, all co-op members should seek to resolve the issue on their own. If either party is unsatisfied or a resolution* cannot be met, the parties then need to seek assistance from the director, the grade level liaison for the grade level, or another Steering Committee member.

*resolve/resolution—achieved when all parties reach mutual agreement or understanding.


Inclement Weather & Emergency Policy 

We will follow the FCPS decisions for weather related closings. However, if there is only a delay for FCPS we may need to postpone opening further or cancel due to snow in the church parking lot. We will make every effort to inform the group about closings due to weather conditions and/or family emergencies by 7:00 a.m. on co-op days. Co-op participants should check their email  by 7:00 a.m. on co-op days for any special notices.  


Facility and Cleaning Policy 

Fredericktowne Baptist has been a welcoming and gracious host to Signature.  Please be mindful that we are guests while inside and outside the buildings. Please leave the facility better than when we arrived and encourage students to do the same. We do not want to lose the privilege of using this wonderful facility!  Students may not touch or draw on bulletin boards or white boards and should not move anything in the classrooms or kitchen. Also, the doors will be locked at all time. Please come to the doors by the fellowship hall and knock. 



Co-op members will be placed on an e-mail group which will be our main means of communication.  Members are responsible for reading their emails to learn important announcements related to the co-op.  

*** In addition to email, our group relies on various Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, and Classroom.  It is very important that you have an account with google in order to access these files that are only open to those in our group. 


Illness Policy 

People with the following symptoms should not attend co-op: 

  • Fever (within the last twenty-four hours) 

  • Colored mucus (yellow or green nasal discharge), excessive coughing or sneezing

  • Known COVID symptoms or, if unvaccinated, direct exposure to someone who tested positive for COVID. (Note that the COVID pandemic is an ongoing situation. Our COVID-related policies may be updated at any time in response to CDC recommendations, the policies of our host church, and other conditions that may arise.)

  • Diarrhea, vomiting, or nausea (within the last twenty-four hours)

  • Eye drainage 

  • Virus or infection (known to be contagious) 

  • Head lice 

If you are keeping a sick child at home please contact the director. If they continue to be sick during the week, please contact the child’s teachers about completing homework for that week.

 Financial Policy

Click here for our financial policy.