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Financial Information

A word about Signature’s Tuition:

Some people have sticker shock when they see the costs. It can seem quite expensive at first.   

However, we feel that Signature is actually a bargain when you consider how much many people will pay for piano lessons. If you pay $30 a half hour, 4 times a month for 9 months, that equals $1,080.  

In comparison, at Signature, your child will have 4 academic subjects completely planned out for them each week for 30+ weeks with weekly instruction, grading, report cards, homework accountability,  field trips, parties, project days, a fun elective like art, PE, drama or music and a built in home school community!

We actually feel that it is quite a deal.  However, we know that everyone’s finances are different. 

Those who are gifted in the area of teaching can offset some of the costs through teaching a class at Signature.  There is more information about that in "For Teachers" section of this site, and we can talk about where you might fit in as a teacher if you feel called to do so.

Payment Policy 

Signature registration is due with a non-refundable $100 deposit per student in early spring for returning Signature families. (The exact date changes a bit each year and is announced to Signature members well in advance.) After that date, any Signature families who have not registered and paid their deposit may lose their spots and new families may be enrolled. For newly enrolled families, the deposit is due two weeks after they register. These fees can be paid by check or by Paypal.


This non-refundable registration fee allows us to keep our bank account active without paying any unnecessary fees, pay our insurance, and begin purchasing supplies for class.


The full student tuition is comprised of building rent, payment to our insurance, teacher gifts, classroom supplies, and copies. Tuition does not include books, personal school supply costs, or field trip costs.  Final full tuition payments are due at our Back To School Night. Please note that we do not have a scholarship fund.


Refund Policy 

Signature fees are non-refundable. This includes the $100 deposit paid in the spring as well as tuition paid at the start of the school year.


Late Registration/Tuition 

Any family that registers or pays their tuition after our deadline must pay a $50 late fee per student.  

Refund Policy 

Within one week of the final tuition deadline, you may choose to withdraw your membership and have your tuition returned (minus the non-refundable deposit). You must contact the treasurer in order for this to be in effect.  If at any time between the week after the deadline and seven days after the co-op begins you choose to withdraw your membership, half of your tuition fees will be refunded.  If you choose to withdraw your membership after the seven days, your tuition fees will not be refunded.