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Welcome to Living Legacy Academy 2020-2021 School Year

We are a group of inter-denominational Christian families whose purpose is to provide support and education to Christian parents who are teaching their children. We do this by providing opportunities for our children's social, intellectual, and spiritual growth through planned educational and recreational activities. Through our efforts, we want to promote Christian values and character development.

For the 2020-2021 school year, we will be meeting each week on Monday mornings, September through April on the south east side of Sioux Falls.

Our group is a cooperative group, which means we all join together to manage the use of the facilities and programs. Serving as a part of Living Legacy Academy is mandatory. Our co-op is not run by a few good people; we need everyone's involvement. Volunteer opportunities are available for everyone.

Elementary School Classes

Grades K-7:

K-1: Junior Life Skills, Lego, Art(S), PE, and Stories of Faith(S)

2-3: Lego, Art(S), PE, and Stories of Faith(S), History of Pioneers-to-Today

4-5: History of Ancient Times, PE, STEM, Art(S), Drama(S)

6-7: PE, Art(S), Drama(S), STEM, Expedition World
(S)- Indicates a one semester class

High School Classes

Grades 8-12:

We are currently accepting enrollment for the following classes:
Spanish (2-hour course, for 9th-12th only), US Government, Speech (10th-12th grade only), Advanced Biology (11th-12th grade only), Biology (8th-12th), US History, PE, Health, Photography, Creative Writing, Physical Science Lab (8th-9th), Computer Skills (Word, Excel).

**8th-12th grade classes are subject to change due to student interest/enrollment and teacher availability.