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Welcome to Living Legacy Academy!

We are a group of inter-denominational families whose purpose is to provide support and education to Christian parents who are teaching their children at home. We want to provide opportunities for our children's social, intellectual, and spiritual growth through planned educational and recreational activities. Through our efforts, we want to promote Christian values, character development, and outreach.

In the 2019-2020 school year, we will be meeting on Friday mornings in Sioux Falls, SD. Our classes are for ages Kindergarten - 12 Grade. For our school year, these are the classes we are offering:

Elementary School Classes

Grades K-7:

K-1: Flying/Swimming Creatures, Lego, PE, Snap Circuits(S), Art (S)
2-3: Land Animals/Anatomy, Lego, PE, Art (S), Snap Circuits (S)
4-5: South Dakota Studies, Ecosystems/Astronomy, PE, Bible Adventures (S), and Art(S)
6-7: Jr. Science Labs, City Planning, PE, Bible Adventures(S) and Art (S)
(S)- Semester Class

High School Classes

Grades 8-12:

Junior High and High School class offerings are dependent on enrollment. We are currently hoping to offer Physics Lab, Physical Science Lab, Biology Lab(FULL), World View, Geography, PE(FULL), Life Skills 2, Spanish 1, Photography/Yearbook(FULL), Art (FULL), Personal Finance(FULL) and Collegiate Writing.