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How do I send a new email the group?


Click on the Email Forums tab on your Homepage.  You will see a New Thread option with a drop down menu, then you will see the existing

Category choices.  As of right now we have:


Field Trips



Select the Category you think most closely aligns with your subject (Hint: You're never wrong to pick General, but if it is something specific

like a Field Trip or Class, it makes it easier for others to search if you select the right Category)

Then type your email, and add any attachments if you'd like.  When you're done, hit the Add button. You are "adding" your email to the forum. 

Just like the old Yahoo Group, it will immediately go out to all the Members.  We respectfully suggest that you opt to receive all emails

immediately rather than in Digest form.  Some of these Field Trips fill up quick!



How do I reply to an email?


Look at the screenshot below.  You will have options to reply to the thread, reply directly to the sender, post a new message to the thread,

or add a new thread.  




How do I sign up for a Field Trip or a scheduled event?


You can either click on the field trip/event directly from your Home page, or go through the calendar and click on it there.  Heres's what you'll see:

Click on Sign Up Now and you'll be taken to the sign up page where you'll see a drop down menu for Attendee Information.  Select the family

member that will be attending the event, then click Add Attendee.  If you have more than one family member attending, please add everyone. 

This tool is wonderful, because we no longer have to try and keep a tally of how many are attending.  The site does it for us!  If you need to

cancel, there's an edit button.  Beware... once you cancel someone, I don't know how to add them back!  

If you look at the very top, you'll see options to automatically add the event to your Google, Apple or Outlook Calendar.  


How can I pay my dues?


We will be sending out invoices to all members to pay the dues for the 2019/2020 school year once everyone is signed up on the new site.  Thanks for being a good citizen. wink


Are there any tutorials on how to use Homeschool-Life?


It's funny you should ask!  Look at the very top of this site where you see Home, Contact, FAQ, etc.  Click on the Help button and you will be linked

to a full complement of videos that can walk you through everything step by step.