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What About Testing?

Testing Info
(Please make sure you read and understand ALL of this information
before registering.)
9 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Iowa Test - 
(ITBS) Iowa Test of Basic Skills
Grades 3-12
$35 for ITBS- members, $45 for non-members
We test for 3 days in a classroom setting
at Calvary Chapel of Melbourne.
(Note: ANY provisions needed for extra time or rescheduling will result in your child being given only the Basic Battery of the ITBS)
 This is still a timed test, but each subtest is 30 minutes or less each.
All grades tested will have an answer document to write on.
All registrations will be completed on-line.  See below for specific instructions for members & non-members.
Limit:  CCHM sets a limited number of students to be tested in each classroom/grade.  Register early!
Location:    Calvary Chapel of Melbourne - We will meet in the Kids Building, "K Building".

Registration Dates

For Members:            January 12- Feb. 22, 2020

For Non-Members:    February 1 - Feb. 22,  2020

Registration Process
For Members:                     
Log into the CCHM website, go to April  (test date) in the calendar section, click on ITBS and complete the information. When asked the "number of months at this level", count until April 1, 2020. You have the option to pay using a credit card link, check, or cash. 
If your payment is not received by February 22, 2020, your registration will be deleted from the ITBS roster.  Be sure to list and count only the students taking the ITBS.  You will see a separate question for parent names.
For Non-Members:               Non-member registrations:

Using the menu bar on the side of this website page, click on Public Calendar, locate April , and click on sign up now.   Be sure to register each child who is taking the ITBS.  When asked the "number of months at this level", count until April 1, 2020. You may pay using paypal, check, or cash.  Your registration will be deleted off the ITBS roster if your payment is not received by February 22, 2020.  Be sure to list and count the students taking the ITBS. Payment may be made by credit card link, check, or cash. 

ALL checks must be made to Calvary Chapel of Melbourne. Any check not made to Calvary Chapel will be returned and your registration will not be complete until a correctly written check is received. PayPal payments will include a processing fee.

Calvary Chapel, ATTN:Brenda Schulze,  2955 Minton Road, Melbourne, FL  32904.

If you drop off your payment, be sure to place it in an envelope, with name and students name and CCHM testing on the front. Drop it off at the Children's Ministry offices on the 3rd floor of the K building. Please note that it takes 1-2 business days for the check to be delivered to the CCHM Leadership Team members. 
Be sure to not enter the Calvary Chapel Academy school entrance.  If you are late for testing, please text or call Brenda Schulze 321-961-7314  and she will contact the ITBS coordinator.
After a group prayer and further instructions, the children will be taken up by the tester and proctor to the rooms. 
We ask that parents remain on campus in case a situation arises with your child and we need to contact you. 
Refund Information                                  

Once the order has been placed, there will be no refunds for tests.

For any family registration whose payment is not received on the listed payment due date, the registration will be deleted.  No longer will a CCHM Leadership Team member contact families to determine their intention for the activity.
                                                                        If your child becomes ill during the testing days after they have taken at least 1 section of the test, we cannot refund any of the testing fee. 
                                                                        Please note that all of the students will be required to sit quietly if they finish before the testing time ends.  If your child is disruptive and continues to be so, they will be removed from the room and not be permitted to return for the remainder of the day's testing.  There will be no refund for any of the unused test sections.