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Cancellation Policy

In the event any fee that is determined to be owed is not paid, access to the CCHM website and CCHM emails will be suspended until the payment is received by the CCHM Leadership Team.

CCHM Cancellation Policy - all activities, except CCHM Classes. (Scroll down for the class policy.)

For any CCHM field trip or activity for which you register, but subsequently cancel by the posted final date to register, the family will receive a full refund of any payment made, or no money will be owed to CCHM.  Please note that the final registration date is the date to be used as the determination date, which may or may not be the final due date for payment of the field trip or activity.  There are many occasions where the final payment date is long after the final registration date. 

For any CCHM field trip or activity for which you register, and subsequently cancel after the posted registration due date, there is no refund.  You may find another family to take your place and money exchanged is between the 2 parties.  You must notify Brenda Schulze or the field trip co-ordinator becasue we have the names of participants that will need to be modified.    

All cancellations should occur through the CCHM website at the same point you originally registered for the activity. You will need to edit your sign up, and change your status to cancel. 

For any family registration whose payment is not received by the listed payment due date, the registration will be deleted. No longer will a CCHM Leadership Team member contact families to determine their intention for the activity.


Unless otherwise indicated on the class description and registration for any CCHM class, the full semester, or shorter term if applicable, tuition and any other fee charged is payable to Calvary Chapel of Melbourne by the first day of class.

If monthly payments are accepted, the first monthly payment is due by the first day of class. Subsequent payment dates will be listed on the class description page or the payment section for the class. Any payment that is 5 days or more late, will be charged a $10 late fee.

Class Attendance

The full tuition price, and any other fee charged, must be paid despite a student's lack of attendance to the class. If an instructor cancels a daily class, the class will be re-scheduled to best meet the needs of the entire class.

Class Commitment & Withdrawal

If a cancellation for a class registration occurs prior to the final registration date for a class, no fees are due.

All students who register for a CCHM class, must commit to the full term listed on the class description.

A student may withdraw at any time, however, the class tuition will not be refunded OR it will still be the responsibility of the family to pay the full amount if monthly payments are accepted. Failure to pay a class tuition will result in loss of CCHM membership benefits and/or loss of benefit to register for a future CCHM class.


In the event an instructor determines a student's behavior is disruptive to the class environment or the behavior is determined to compromise the learning environment of the class, any CCHM Leadership Team member may dismiss the student from attending the class without any refund of the class tuition or other fees charged for the class.