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Living History Fair

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Date – Time

Monday – 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


CCM Cafe Dining Room
2955 Minton Rd
West Melbourne, 32904

Additional Information

NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM - Living History Fair!

Do you wish you could meet historical figures?

Board a time machine with your family and travel back in history!

Everyone is invited to participate as a "Living Exhibit" OR

participate as a spectator and visit the museum!

Students can participate and teach others about a historic person by coming to this event in costume and ready to share their  information!  You and your child will determine who the historical figure will be. 

The chosen historical person may be

living (ex: George H.W. Bush) or deceased (ex: Ronald Reagan),

famous (ex: Michael Jordan) or not so famous (ex: Sylvia Andonie), and

may be specific (ex: General Eisenhower) or general (ex: a WWI soldier) 

Along with being in costume, students should bring props to enhance the small area that will be stationed as an exhibit!  They will then be able to share about themselves (their histoical person) when other families walk around and "visit" their exhibit.  Have them practice their talk and keep it to a 1 1/2 minute maximum, so the judges will have time to see each exhibitor.

EXHIBIT INFORMATION:  (Please read all of this information before you register so that you may have all of the information needed.)

 First Person Exhibit:  Your child creates an exhibit as the historical person and becomes that person during our Night at the Museum so that our guests meet and speak with the historical person.  

a. Dress as the historical person,

b.  Set up a table with props, a board, food, etc. to help your child become the historical person.

c.  Create a 1-2 minute  presentation (in first person) to share with the museum guests as they walk around and visit the exhibits.  This is a great opportunity for your child to practice public speaking in small groups and with people to help them by asking questions.

To Register:

Click on the option to view other people signed up AND review the historical figures already chosen.  We do not want to have duplicate  Exhibits.

Click sign up and register only the name of the child participating as an exhibit.

Provide the name of the  historical person.

Registration is due by October 11.


NO DUPLICATE HISTORICAL FIGURE - preference will be given to the person who first registers as the historical figure.  Duplicate figures will be asked to change.

If you are not a member of CCHM, but would like to participate, you may sign your children up and there will be a $5 charge to help pay for prizes (ribbons, certicicates of participation, and gift cards)

Last day to sign up or cancel to get your name in the program or off the program is  Oct 11

When signing up; number attending is referring to student participants. Only list students who will be having a display.


Cancel an Existing Signup

Email the Event Coordinator

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