Richmond Homeschool Collective Richmond Homeschool Collective

Parental Supervision

Richmond Homeschool Collective is NOT a drop off program, and does not provide child care. The expectation is that each student will have a parent/guardian on site throughout the day with the following exceptions:

1.    If your student is 13+ years old,

AND you and your student feel strongly that they will be able to adhere to our behavior policy,

AND your student can navigate the environment independently without additional support,

AND we have an emergency contact number on file for you,

AND you accept responsibility for your student while you are not present


2.    If your student is 12 years old or younger, if you need to leave the premises at any point, you MUST assign another adult as proxy to supervise your student (this adult cannot be the student’s teacher). This information must be noted on the sign-in sheet for the day.