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 All new applications will be placed on our waitlist

and will be considered for membership as openings become available.

We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time.


There are a few steps to becoming a member:

1. Complete the following application. Please take your time answering the following questions, it will help us determine your needs and whether the collective is the best fit for your family. We will contact you once we've had the opportunity to review your responses and questions to schedule a Zoom Call.

2. Attend an INFO ZOOM for an in-depth conversation about RHC  membership

3. Attend at least one in-person Meet & Greet. 

4.  Pay Member Contributions and create a member account. 

5.  Your family will then be added to the community.  

Full members can access class registration, meet-ups, field trips, clubs, and other activities.



Statement of Inclusivity 

Richmond Homeschool Collective accepts, welcomes, and respects families regardless of their race, ethnicity, class, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, religion, or national origin. Our member families come from many different backgrounds and may practice a variety of religious traditions or none at all. We do not uphold any religious worldview, and our classes are taught using currently-held scientific theories, based on empirical evidence. 

Please read and review the following:

Frequently Asked Questions

Member Responsibilities and Administration Infomation

1. *

Please read the following Covid Precautions. Covid and Illness Policy

 (1 required)
I have read the Covid Policy; and will show proof of vaccination and mask in the building
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Parent/Guardian Full Name and pronoun


Parent/Guardian Full Name and Pronoun

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Telephone Number

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Email Address

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We at Richmond Homeschool Collective celebrate and affirm the human rights of BIPoC, LGBTQIA+, and individuals who identify as neurodivergent, and disabled. How do/can you commit to celebrating and affirming ALL of these human rights?

7. *

Share your thoughts on what it means to be part of an inclusive secular collective.

8. *

Which statements describe your experience as a homeschooling family? (check all that apply)

 (1 required)
This is our first year. We public school but want to go to RHC too.
We're trying homeschool because of COVID concerns. We have homeschooled prior to this year.
We're looking for homeschooling support. We're veteran homeschoolers with wisdom to share
We'll return to public school when COVID is over

Please enter the number of children in each Age/Grade range who will be present whether in classes or waiting. 

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Infant-PrK (ages 0-4)

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2 3
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Lower Elementary (age 5-7)

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2 3
11. *

Upper Elementary (ages 8-10)

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2 3
12. *

Middle School (ages 11-13)

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2 3
13. *

High School (14+)

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2 3
14. *

Please indicate the areas you are most interested in for your young people to participate. Check all that apply

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Traditional Core Academic Classes Enrichment/Exploratory type classes
Interest-Led/Project Based Classes Clubs/ Social Activities/Free Play
Field Trips/Occasional Workshops
15. *

  RHC requires each family to provide 6 hours of community service per semester. This usually occurs during class hours. How do you want to contribute to our community? (check all that apply)

 (1 required)
Safety Monitor Help keep our facility clean
Provide assistance during special events Provide assistance with afternoon clean up

Would you be interested in becoming a Community Partner by creating and facilitating classes? If Yes, which age range, and please share the topic of interest.

17. *

What are you and your child/ren hoping to gain from being part of Richmond Homeschool Collective?

18. *

Are you interested in in-person classes, online classes, or both?

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In-person Online
19. *

When are you hoping to join?

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Over the Summer Fall (September-December)
Spring (February-May) Unsure
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How did you hear about us? 

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Is there anything else you would like to share with us about your family or your needs?