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In 1995, several families in the Mukwonago, Eagle area gathered together to encourage one another as they started on the adventuresome path of homeschooling. Mukwonago, Eagle Area Christian Homeschoolers (M.E.A.C.H.) was born as a result.

We are like-minded conservative Christian families who are home schooling our children. Not for home schooling sake, but for the glory and honor of God. We desire to train our children in His word; to love Jesus Christ with all their hearts, souls and minds; to confess Him as Lord; and to do His will all their lives so that one day they will be standing with us in Heaven. We in no way profess to be perfect Christians, but we do know that God is at work in us daily and we desire to please and glorify HIM.

Please feel free to browse through all our public pages for more information about our group.

We take great care in protecting our personal information on this site and only allow approved members of MEACH access to our full website.  If you are interested in becoming a MEACH member, please refer to the Membership Information page.  Access to our secure pages in our website will not be granted until you have completed the membership application process.

If you have any questions, please refer to the CONTACTS  page for help.

Blessings to all!