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Policies and Procedures

Guiding Arrows Co-op Policies

1. Behavior expectations: We have a "3-Strikes-You’re-Out” policy. Strikes are determined by the teachers. If your child receives a strike, you will be contacted by email or phone. The co-op’s dean will keep track of the strikes and will be the liaison between the teacher and the parent. If your child receives 3 strikes, he/she will immediately be unable to return to co-op. Removal from the school due to strikes is non-refundable.

Basic assumptions for your child's behavior include the following:

  • The ability to complete class work as detailed by the teacher in the Course Description.

  • The ability to sit still and not disrupt the natural flow of the class. Disruptive behavior includes the following:

    • Consistently interrupting

    • Inability to take part and focus on group activities

    • Repeatedly violating the Zoom policies (see below)

  • Treating all with kindness and respect. (Zero tolerance for bullying.)

2. Special Needs/Special Accommodations: Our co-op understands that there is a wide range of abilities and that students of different ages do not always fit neatly into a certain grade level. Classes incorporate several grade levels to take this into consideration. When you register for classes, you are agreeing that your child can function well in a group setting appropriate to the level of class in which he/she is enrolled. We understand that getting used to a co-op and a group setting is a learning process, and the teachers will take that into consideration. Unfortunately, our co-op does not have the means right now to be able to meet the needs of children with moderate to severe special needs. If you think your child may not be able to meet the basic assumptions of behavior, the pace of work, and the teachers' expectations for our co-op, please contact the director before applying to see if this would be a good fit for your child. If you are still unsure if your child will succeed in a specific class, contact the teacher directly. Once enrolled, you cannot receive a refund and may be asked to leave if the student is unable to keep up with the class.

3. Faith-Affiliation: We are a Christian co-op. This means that all course instruction and materials comply with our Statement of Faith that can be found on our website. Teachers, parents, volunteers, and students will use the name of Jesus, Christ, God etc. freely. Even though we are a Christian co-op, we welcome all to apply.    

4. Out of class activities/reading/homework: Some teachers may give homework. For the student to keep up with the course material, obtain the greatest benefit from the class, and be respectful to the teacher and students, all homework should be completed as assigned. The teacher may request a parent conference with the director and parent if a student routinely or repeatedly fails to complete assignments or is uncooperative or non-participative for in-class work and has already been asked repeatedly.

5. Language: No curse words, crude gestures, gossip, sexual speech, or any speech that is offensive to our Lord will be accepted. The strike system applies and will be enforced.

6. Payments: Once you apply and are accepted to the co-op, the applicable admissions fees must be paid so that you obtain a private login for the website. Once you have access to the private site, you may begin course selection and enrollment. After you select your child’s classes, payments ($320/$420 + materials fee) to the instructors must be made according to the Calendar. A late fee of $5 per day is owed to the teachers if the balance is not paid on time. Students may be dropped from classes if payment is two or more days late. Tuition for classes should be paid via check mailed directly to the teacher or as outlined under course description. Admission fees, tuition, and material fees are non-refundable. Tuition increases by $30 after June 1.

7. Inclement Weather/Closings/Delays: As a virtual co-op, we will not observe any snow or inclement weather days.

8. Late Arrival: We expect Arrows students to log in on time and be prepared for class. If a child is late multiple times or a late arrival causes an unnecessary disruption to a class in progress, the incident will be referred to the Dean for further evaluation and a possible strike consequence.

9. Leaving Guiding Arrows Co-op: Guiding Arrows Co-op leadership team has sole discretion to decide who can stay at the co-op. If we feel someone should no longer be a part of the co-op, we have the right to dismiss anyone at any time of the year. 

10. Prerequisites: Many of our classes require prerequisites or minimum skill levels necessary for enrollment. The teacher and the director make all final decisions for class eligibility. If a child is not eligible for a class at this time, then an alternate class pending availability will be recommended.

11. Materials: Some teachers will provide class materials that parents may pick up at each semester’s Materials Exchange Day.  Families, who live in another state or too far away to reasonably meet then, will need to print their own documents and source their own materials from a teacher-provided shopping list; teachers will not mail supplies.

12. Zoom Policies:

Protocol for Teachers

  • Use one recurring meeting for your class for the entire semester instead of creating unique meetings.
  • The meeting must contain a password.
  • Open the classroom at least five minutes before class time begins to allow students to settle.
  • Mute students when giving instructional time to eliminate competing noise.
  • Conclude the meeting on-time (5 minutes for opening + 55 minutes of class time) unless you have pre-arranged with parents to provide some instructional time in other ways during the week.
  • Record the Zoom class

Protocol for Students

  • Each student should use his/her own computer screen during class. Friends and siblings should have some separation to prevent distractions during class and allow the teacher to call on each student separately. 
  • Log in to the classroom promptly five minutes before class time using the regular meeting link and the password provided by your teacher.
  • Be sure that your camera and microphone are operating correctly during the opening minutes. Ensure that the name showing on your video feed is correct. Set the background if you plan to use one.
  • Be sure to have all materials within reach: books, papers and materials from the teacher, water bottle, and supplies (pencil, colored pencils, scissors, glue, etc.).
  • Please respect the teacher and classmates by attending class the full length of time.
  • When the teacher concludes the class, “Leave Meeting.”


Overall Etiquette

  • Show courtesy: use appropriate tone and communication with your teacher and peers just as you would in an in-person environment. Be good digital citizens following the safe practices and instructions of teachers/parents while using the internet.
  • Show respect to your teacher: follow your teacher’s rules for the classroom. Use the “raise hand” option and the chat function only as directed by your teacher.
  • Show respect to your classmates by minimizing distractions: mute yourself when not speaking; no use of background changes (after the class has begun); avoid having siblings/pets on your camera; no altering your name to other text to communicate with peers; no face filters, no avatars, no animations, no private/unrelated chats during class.
  • Avoid bathroom and water breaks when possible. Please do not eat during class time.


  • If violations cannot be resolved by the teacher during class, the teacher will contact the parent. If the violation continues, the child will be reported to the Dean and receive a strike. Three strikes and the child may not return to class.


Questions: Please Contact Us Thank you.




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