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Registration Instructions

**If you would like to voulenteer in a specific class, choose that class as a parent. If you do not choose a voulenteer position you will be assigned one. If you are a teacher you may not need to voulenteer, unless you teach one hour and will be with us all three hours, then you may be asked to help. 

To register for classes, you must first request membership for a family account on our home page. After you have received your confirmation email, log into your family account. You will then be able to register for classes for your family on your assigned day. January 13th: Teacher Registration, January 14th: Survey Participants Registration, and January 15th: Open Registration. You may change classes for your child until registration closes on January 18th. Class changes after this time must be approved by the Director. Refunds for classes will only be given up to the second week of the semester. All fees must be paid by Janurary 29th. This can be done on our website, or by cash or check at our Meet and Greet. 

Age Guidelines

General registrations are processed on a first come, first serve basis. Board members and teachers receive priority registration. Class limits and age restrictions are established for the benefit of our students, to ensure a positive learning environment. Once a class reaches its maximum size, the class will be closed and will remain closed for the rest of the session. Age related exceptions must be approved by the board PRIOR to registration and the child must turn the appropriate age within 30 days of registration date.

Manage Class Registrations

Class Grid

Hour 1 Hour 2 Hour 3
Nursery 1st Hour
0 y/o - 3 y/o
Kelli Glander
Nursery 2nd Hour
0 y/o - 3 y/o
Teresa Wylie
Nursery 3rd Hour
0 y/o - 3 y/o
Kristin Tinseth
Preschool 1st Hour
3 y/o - 5 y/o
Brooke Cox
Little Gymmers 2nd Hour
2 y/o - 5 y/o
Brittany Ryan
Preschool 3rd Hour
3 y/o - 5 y/o
Julie Powell
5 y/o - 9 y/o
Miranda Wolfe
Preschool 2nd Hour
3 y/o - 5 y/o
Danna Hook
Sing, Play, Learn!
3 y/o - 5 y/o
Jacqueline May
K'nex Build and Learn
5 y/o - 12 y/o
Jenna Packard
Early Literacy
5 y/o - 8 y/o
Michelle Anglesey
Nature Study
6 y/o - 12 y/o
Rachael Mulder
American Crafts
6 y/o - 12 y/o
Felicia Hill
Mad Science
5 y/o - 8 y/o
Miriam Monette
KidScape 3rd Hour
6 y/o - 12 y/o
Christiana Frank Danieles
Foraging with the Creator
7 y/o - 13 y/o
Dietra Evans
Raddish Cooking
5 y/o - 11 y/o
Felicia Hill
P.E. and Gym Fitness
6 y/o - 13 y/o
Loni Hall
12 y/o - 18 y/o
Jessica McLemore
Music Appreciation
6 y/o - 16 y/o
Kathryn Herrera
Intro To Coding
7 y/o - 11 y/o
Jeanine Morgado
Creative Writing II
13 y/o - 18 y/o
Courtney Dyer
Kids and Cultures Around the World
7 y/o - 13 y/o
Brandy Blaustein
Intro To Art
10 y/o - 18 y/o
Nicolette Pruett
  Creative Writing I
9 y/o - 13 y/o
Courtney Dyer
Hand Sewing
9 y/o - 18 y/o
Danna Hook