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Mrs. Laura Bishop

Mrs. Bishop is a homeschool graduate herself and has been homeschooling her children since 2005. She and her husband got married in 1999 and have five children.

Mrs. Emilie Eppler

Mrs. Eppler received her B.S.B.A in management/marketing in 1997 from Union University in Jackson, TN. She has been married to her wonderful husband for 22 years, and they have been on a crazy adventure ever since. God has blessed them with 3 kids that she has been fortunate enough to homeschool for 10 years. Her oldest just graduated this past May. Being a former military spouse, she has now homeschooled in 4 states. One of her favorite scriptures is Proverbs 3:5-6.

Mrs. Rachel Hamby

Mrs. Hamby started homeschooling in 2016 and wishes she would have started sooner!  Proudly, she graduated from MIZZOU with a BS in Business Administration, a BA in International Relations, and a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force.  Having been married since 2001, the Hambys have been blessed with 3 wonderful children.  In her free time, she enjoys running, swimming, biking, and scrapbooking to maintain her sanity and balance.  

Mrs. Amanda James

Mrs. James has been homeschooling since 2010. She has been married for 18 years and they have a daughter, 15, and a son, 8. She has an Associates Degree in Applied Science. Mrs. James enjoys Art and Science. She loves to read, although she never has time for it. She loves spending time with her family and most importantly God.

Mrs. Lindsay Kinney

Mrs. Kinney and her husband of 18 years homeschool their children in the classical method. She has a BS in psychology and BA in biblical studies from Grace University in Omaha. Lindsay is an avid reader of commentaries, cookbooks, cultural histories, and the news. She is a fan of the Oxford comma.

Mrs. Brenda Rader

Mrs. Rader As a former advertising executive and then agency owner, art has always been an integral part of Brenda's life. She enjoys teaching art clinics to groups of friends and encouraging her own children to explore all mediums of art. Brenda believes all good things come from above (as the Bible tells us), including the gift of personal artistry. Brenda has been married to her husband, Chad, for 13 years and is mother to Reese(10) and Nolan (7).

Mrs. Rachel Rittenhouse

Mrs. Rittenhouse earned a BA in Criminal Justice/Criminology from UMKC, followed by an MS in CJ/C from the University of Cincinnati.  She and her husband Matt have been married since 2009.  Prior to staying home to homeschool her two children, Mrs. Rittenhouse worked as a police officer/detective for a local police department, where she was a certified Spanish translator.  Mrs. Rittenhouse enjoys good humor, cooking, crocheting, krav maga, reading, and training search and rescue dogs.

Mrs. Katie Van Duyn

Mrs. Van Duyn loves Jesus and loves to learn.  Once upon a time she was
an engineer building power plants (for 8 years), and then a middle
school and high school math teacher (for 2 years), and now she gets to
homeschool her 4 kiddos!  She loves to walk on the treadmill and listen
to sermons/Bible teachers, play games, watch Minimal Mom videos on
youtube (and purge her house), minister to neighbors, be outside, take
adventures, travel and eat out.  Mrs. Van Duyn loves to hear from people
what God is teaching them and she loves opportunities to encourage
others in the Lord.

Mrs. Cindy Van Eyck

Mrs. Van Eyck is a wife, mother, and teacher of three homeschooled boys. She has a Bachelor of Science in Education, with many years of classroom and homeschool teaching experience.